A woman a woman ...

in busy •  2 years ago 

A woman a woman ...
Relied on husbands
Parent, brother or sister's side
Not much change
Not with his own juices
The women's heads ....
Woman woman ....
The back of each family
Knife and women will not change
Thinking measure understanding and awareness
That would protect the family and women ..........
A woman a woman ...
A lack of balance of the boys knew a
Do not share my
Do not build up in the royal palace of his King
Balanced, that would make her more idealistic.
A woman a woman ...
Already confused that would swallow the saliva
Not a woman
What value
Shop value ..................
A woman a woman ...
Even if you hate will not flee to avoid
Not much change
At least smile a smile to a woman I am.
Therefore, I do not think
The environment is becoming ...
/ I hate hiding a ...............................
author: @ladylay
photo: cedit google images

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