Photo Journal 001: Hiking With My Boy Finn

in busy •  6 months ago


This is just a quick photo journal for the day. I don’t plan on doing this everyday but I’m going to try to do it once a week. This session I just went walking with my boy Finn. He’s such a good walker.


In case you’re wondering all of the photos are raw.


I shoot with a Panasonic G7 and mainly bought it for video


Finn found a deer track.


A random shot of the trail. We were out walking for about an hour and a half


There were lots of trees down from a storm here yesterday but this on has obviously been here ages.


I just thought the texture looked cool.


Some more wildflowers in bloom. I wish I would have done this a couple weeks ago there were so many more species out.


Some little white ones I caught right before going in.


I got home and Sasha was sad that she didn’t go. So of course we had to go around the block. She was too cute for the camera to pass up.


She was like, “Dad, what is that thing in your hand?”


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Very nice pics bro and nice dog !


Lol they’re alright. I’m no pro. The dog is my little homie.


Nice camera dude ! It's nice quality ! :D
Fixed :D


How you been man? Baby is coming October 31st for me. I’m also working on a career change.

The log photos were awesome. The dog is clearly a dog.
A good dog.


Thanks man.

Yeah it just looked cool to me. It’s weird what you notice with a camera in your hand.


I know, it's weird. Just happened to notice the girl naked in the window when I just happened to be in the bushes with a camera.

This is really cool.


A fringe benefit of being an amateur photographer. Sometimes you get free transport from nice police officers as well.


The log photos were
Awesome. The dog is clearly
A dog. A good dog.

                 - apsu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Wow this was a really bad haiku.

Canine friend is happy with the walk. :-)


They are both happy most of the time. I’m lucky to have dogs like that.


They are lucky to have you too.