I'm Rank #3 On the New Steem Game, Moon Steem! | + Enter My Contest for Joining the Game!!

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Moon Steem is a brand new crash game on the Steem blockchain.

It's the first ever crash game to hit this blockchain and I'm pretty excited about it!

This morning when I woke up and saw that they had officially launched, I bought in for the max amount they currently allow.

50 STEEM is the current max amount and that deposit will set you up with 50 million steemies - the "in-game currency".

The game itself is pretty simple --> you bet an amount of steemies and then you choose when you cash out by clicking the big button.

The longer you wait, the more you'll make. You never know when it's going to crash. If you wait too long, then you lose your bet!

There's far more to Moon Steem than that. There is an entire system setup for rewarding dividends to players, investors and delegators that is unlike any other system I've seen on Steem.

It's very interesting and I'm diving into it as we speak. The complete guide to Moon Steem will hit my website tonight or tomorrow morning!

I'm up a little over 1 Million Steemies right now!

Note: This is a gambling dapp. Deposit only what you are willing to lose!

Contest! Earn Rewards!!

For now, I thought I would do a fun little contest to get people into the game, having fun and earning some dividends.

1). Signup using my referral link:


2). Leave a comment down below with your first impressions of the game
3). Everyone who does will get a 100% upvote from me
4). I'll also do a random draw and delegate 50 SP to 2 winners for 30 days (50SP each)

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i hope steem goes to the moon... I think I want a new goal for steem power, 25,000 sp

Me too!!! This game is one of the reasons why I believe it will

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not so fast there.

Gambling is not my cup of tea... :(

I find it addictive and I need to keep some strict rules for myself. I agree though, definitely a good way to lose money!! I love these applications for the dividends and the architecture of the system.. it’s always fun to explore a new dapp!

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What’s the average dividends’ ROI in this particular one?

Kind of hard to say, to be honest.

The structure of the dividends is a lot different than any other app here on Steem. I’m still working on my full guide to that, but the gist is that some days I’ll make a few Steem in dividends and other days it’ll be negative so I can’t withdraw any

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That’s not good. I’ll stick then with my Divedend based Casino tokens from EOS and Tron... :(

Personaly to me gross profit is nothing.
NET PROFIT is all what matters

Absolutely. Gross profit is more so just for fun!!

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already registered from your link, an interesting game, there is an auto system that makes everything look fun.

Awesome! Thanks ;)

I’m glad you like the game so far! It gets extra interesting when you dive into the dividends and payout structure of the game. I plan on doing a more comprehensive write up on that soon.

I entered you into the running for the 50 sp delegation for 30 days. I’ll be announcing the winners for that at post payout!

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Signed up with ur ref link. It's fun and exciting!

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Thanks!! I’m glad you love the game so far!

I’ve entered you into the raffle for a 50 sp delegation for 30 days as well!

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It's pretty addictive, right? I had to drag myself off to take my profit for today or I would have ended up losing it all. I'll be back tomorrow to lose it haha.

If I'll loose all , and will start hate this game - most likelly you will be the reason ONE for that . I was sitting on #1 for a few days (by net profit) until you came in.... :)

most likelly you will be the reason ONE for that


Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 32% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Super addictive!! I was playing for hours earlier. Haha hopefully not, I’ll probably see you in there!

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I just registered and it’s pretty simple! Haha thanks for the good idea, any advice for earning more?

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Forget it I lose it all 😂

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Uh oh 😂

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Haha, I’m really glad that you like the game so far!!

Yes I do have some advice for getting more Steemies.

You can upvote posts on the @moonsteem account and you should get some steemies in exchange within 1-2 minutes from what I hear.

The easiest way is to deposit Steem. The limit was just raised to 100 Steem per day deposits.

I’m starting to dive into the dividends of it and it’s a very cool system. If you buy some steemies and use the invest feature, you can get a passive share of the house edge for moon Steem. This would allow you to earn steemies every day and you could either withdrawal them, reinvest them or even use them to gamble in-game!

Hope that helps ;) I also added you to the raffle for the 50sp delegation for 30 days, good luck!!

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Thaaaaanks for being such a great person and explain me everything 💪🏻 I upvote two post and it work, I upvote two more and nothing😂 haha I’m not made for gambling

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We’re they older than 7 days? The upvote faucet may only work on posts that haven’t paid out yet

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Oh, that’s why 🙈

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I signed up through your link. I thought it was fun :), different then other gambling that I have seen.

I appreciate that greatly!!

Yes, it’s unique and fun. They’re adding a bunch of more social features such as making it rain in the chat and tipping other players when you win big.

Cool stuff is coming!!

I’ve entered your name for the raffle for a 50sp delegation for 30 days. I should be announcing that in 3 days or so! Stay tuned 😊

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Hello! This seems interesting, but I don't understand. What are we betting on?

Hey! You’re getting on how much Steem will moon - but it’s not based on the actual Steem price.

It’s a crash game so every round has a different level of “moonage” your goal is to bet and then cash in before the price crashes.

It’s very simple once you start playing a few rounds. Just start with small bets till you get the hang of it.

If you don’t want to invest in the game, then you can always upvote a @moonsteem post and earn yourself some free steemies to play with!

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Good to know. I wonder if there are more gambling sites that use steem.

There’s a bunch!!! I’m a fan of moonsteem as well as magic dice. Drug wars isn’t really gambling, but fun nonetheless!

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I guess it's good to see more sites using steem - it should certainly increase it's value

registrado, ya llevo 0.61 de ganancias jaj excelente

registrado, ya llevo 0.61 de ganancias jaj excelente


Congratulations @khaleelkazi!
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just signed up aaaaaaaaaaand i'm already addicted!

Good job in presenting the correct content with a clear explanation. The content looks real with valid information. Good Work and thank you for sharing the information with us, check out the Kissanime mobile app :)


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Congrats for your high ranking!!
It’s a mind blowing game and fun!

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a really interesting game, I think it's suitable for me to play this game

It is! And you can earn free steemies to bet with by upvoting an @moonsteem Post!

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