❤️ Acroyoga with my Little Buddy Mariana! ❤️

in busy •  16 days ago

Meet Mariana, she is a ten year old acrobat! I met her at our weekly jams in Sacramento. Over winter break, we decided to meet up to do some acroyoga and yoga together. t's nice to get outside and get fresh air. I thought I would share some fun photos of us!


Mariana taught me a new yoga pose! It requires a little bit of strength, but it is not too difficult to achieve.


Mariana is also very flexible. Here she is as a pretzel.


She also taught me this fun side pose. This one takes a lot of balance and strength.


Here is am trying to do the pose!

It was a fun day at the park playing with my mini acrobat friend!

What fun activities do you enjoy doing outside? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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