☁️ Above the Clouds with @polebird ☁️

in busy •  23 days ago

We made it to the top of the world... in shorts! Yesterday evening, we drove up to the top of the mountain in Haleakala National Park in Maui to catch the sunset.

It was a sight to see as we were above the clouds. It was also extremely cold in our beach attire! Lesson learned, mountain tops are cold. haha.


When we got to the top, there was a beautiful crater and also a lot of wind!

Regardless of how unprepared we were for our mountain adventure, it was still a lot of fun with @polebird!

I highly recommend watching the sunset from the top of the mountain in Haleakala National Park! Thanks for stopping by to read about my latest adventure.

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Very nice!! 📸 Thanks for the share! 😉😁

Charming and beautiful Karen!!!


I've only done the sunrise. Froze myself :) I love maui.


Hahaha! Yes need to bring a jacket next time 😆


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