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Choose a Minimalist Type 36 Home Interior
Minimalist homes, especially type 36 are very hunted and targeted by many Indonesian people.


In a small minimalist home segment, type 36 is considered the best because it has sufficient area.

Not only the size of the land, but also the area of ​​the building that stands on it.

Other than that…

A type 36 minimalist house is also said to have a relatively affordable and reasonable purchase price. The selling price is relatively more stable compared to other types of minimalist houses.

Here is an example of a minimalist home interior plan as a shadow:
Well, in this article you will find various topics about ....

  • Minimalist type 36 home interior,
  • Design in each room ...
  • How to decorate it, and ...
  • The right decoration to decorate it.

The following is a complete review of the favorite home interior of Indonesian people.

Minimalist Home Interior, Small But Fitting
Minimalist home interior that has a 36m² building area usually consists of several rooms, namely:

Living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room

Limited land, making the area of ​​each room above is not too large. Some rooms are also designed to be multifunctional so that they can accommodate all needs.

But ...

Basically all of these minimalist home interiors are designed as simple as possible,

without many intricate accents or ornaments, and prioritizing firm geometric curves.

Like this example:

  1. Minimalist Home Living Room Interior Design
    In general, a minimalist home interior in the living room has an area of ​​3 × 3 meters.

Normally, this room is not only used to receive guests but is also used as a gathering place for families.

No wonder a television is often present in this room.

The following is the design of some minimalist home interior designs, the living room section that can be used as inspiration:

The right decoration for the interior of your living room
One element that cannot be separated from the living room is a chair or sofa.

The sofa that you can choose as a complement to this room is to have criteria .......

  • Simple design
  • Has distinctive characteristics
  • Don't have many accents
  • attractive color
  • Quality ingredients

Why must you have these criteria?

Because, the narrow living room can have the right function and attractive appearance.

If these criteria have been met, you no longer need to add wall displays, room accessories, and other accessories.


Choose a carpet-shaped decoration and a sofa cushion is a very appropriate choice to maximize the look in the room.
The addition of efficient and useful decorations is guaranteed to make the minimalist interior of your living room seem more attractive.

Green plants can also be an attractive choice to decorate the interior of this one room.

  1. Family Room Interior Design in Minimalist Houses
    As mentioned before, the family room in the minimalist room is often combined with the living room area.

So, minimalist home interior design in the family room is not too different from the living room.

But you can also separate the family area with the living room if desired.

You can use a partition or a short partition to separate the two.

Here are some minimalist home interior designs that you can use as inspiration:

This one is a tip for designing and decorating a minimalist family room

which is united with another room in type 36 house:

  • Determine the Theme of Family and Other Space

The family room is thick with warm shades.

Because of that ...

Use a particular theme so that the goal is achieved.

In addition, the chosen theme must also be able to make the right atmosphere for the room to receive guests.

For example the theme of the atmosphere is warm and also light.

  • The right color

Display the theme of minimalist home interior design that fits the living room that is united with the living room

Can be realized with the right color selection.

For example to build lightly, apply white paint or have a soft spectrum on the walls of the room. Meanwhile…

You can show warm shades by using wall decor accents with orange, red or beige colors.

  • Choose the right furniture and decorations

No less important thing to do in designing ...

and decorating minimalist home interiors in the living room and a unified living room is furniture selection.

Sofa, coffee table, and other decorations must be able to represent the themes that you have specified before.

In addition to the design and design of the right furniture and decorations, you also have to consider it in terms of size.

Because, wrongly choosing the room can feel cramped and also uncomfortable.

That's why, you must be careful in choosing this one.

  1. Interior Design of Bedrooms in Minimalist Homes
    There are at least two bedrooms made to complement the minimalist type 36 interior.

First is the main bedroom which has a room area of ​​at least 3 × 3 meters.

This bedroom can contain a double-sized bed that can be used for you and your partner.

The following are examples of minimalist home interior designs in the main bedroom:

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