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Hello steemians friends, in the post I want to reflect the life and vicissitudes of a university professor. I dedicate:

To all university teachers who are

being cut off for being critical, irreverent and rebellious ...


Since I write, which is, definitely, since I have use of reason that I exist, because since childhood I theorized in my head the things that I saw and that I felt were happening around me, I perceive that through the word I can drain so many frustrations and injustices, and that my message although, for reasons of jurisprudence, can not be as explicit as I would like, at least ignoring verbs and placing adjectives and nouns, I am recreating a symbolic response to all the ills that my peers cause me.

Today I had to serve as a focus of the story of a university professor very dear and appreciated, who described, in broad strokes, what has been his journey through the academy and how disappointed he is of her and the role she is playing in society. From a methodological point of view can be seen as a life story, because it has all that structure that starts from the opinion of a subject that is getting involved with its environment and in that act of getting involved, recreates and sustains its problems, responding to the potential solutions. I will give him the name of character "X", but suffice it to say that he is a man with high professional qualifications and a transparent, clean, pure being, a true representative of that academy that has been lost in some University Studies Houses in Venezuela.


His story begins like this: "I came to think that the academy, the one I dreamed of as a teenager and in which I teach my classes to a large number of students, eager to grow, learn and transform, I saw myself creating new theories, thinking so I had dreams and it was my right, because to work, I studied, and my ties with the community, with my social environment, were and are collaborative, disinterested and detached from any malice or bad intention.

"I have never thought about how to cheat to achieve the goals I set for myself, I have always looked with the certainty of reaching dawn without more support than my desire and my work, but those desires, for years, were the ones that truncated the most. My experience with the academy First of all when I faced a group of scholars who had kidnapped my university and who created their human resource needs based on their personal expectations and interests, then when there was an oversight and they left space for people with different ideas Of course, after thirty years of waiting for my opportunity, I could achieve what would be my job stability, but being a university teacher, with prestige gained outside of my university, I began to be an uncomfortable, annoying being a person who distorted everything that has been tried to create, they began to put things away, the papers requesting promotion, the nature of my research gations, minimizing them and placing people without intellectual management of my research topics, to review me, always inclining the balance to delay approval and, in some cases, to suggest disproportionate changes in the meaning that should be what my reasoned proposal was. All this to annoy, to make good that saying that I said and I have repeated so many times: in the University everything is personal, nothing is institutional. The abuse of power was shameless, forced me to make tough decisions, among them renouncing socialization with my colleagues and institutional work team; I self-isolated, losing even my right to go to the University to enjoy its environment, its landscapes, its activities. Because all that was done to their interests and I've never been part of those interests because I have the defect of thinking. I was persecuted, reviled, insulted in my honor and in my human condition. But I endured, and I could hold on because I counted on the nobility of some (very few) colleagues and students who, without anyone telling them, continued to respect my name and always came to me for a consultation, for support or for a look ...
"I already managed to survive as hard as it was to survive those people who believed they had all power forever, today I see them with sadness, they are dry, raving like human beings, they did not achieve any goal in the academy, they passed like a ghost of To the majority, their families were dismantled, they are ignored by their own children and yet, they look to greet one yet, I see them as asking for forgiveness, but a greeting is not denied to anyone. with them, but I warned them that everything they were doing to me had a divine sanction whose cost, whose specific weight was proportional to the afflictions that they caused me, I am afraid that they are suffering and remembering, especially remembering that every day they arrived at the office to program a ruse against me, today they have no space to meet, not even to mourn their misery, my life has been noble, it has been good, I have little left to leave but I leave with the duty to cum I have done all the administrative positions in my University and have acted with justice, humanity, respect for my fellow men. I wanted my story to be known, although my name does not, but my story, just in case, for some unforeseen reason, is happening to someone what happened to me or if there are some executioners doing their thing against such a human being and naive like me; to be seen in my example and try, in time, to make this fleeting life a space to meet and love us, forgetting forever the hatred and evil ... This is my story, I hope it is not yours ... "

After these words of the character "X" that simplify a whole life, there is obviously much left in the ink, but what he portrays as a message is that we do not gain anything by hurting others, being obstacles to others; We earn more by being fair, being eternally grateful for the fact of living. On another occasion we will return with this character who still has a lot to tell about his existence.

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