The World Has Gone Officially Crazy! Experts say to ask your baby for consent before changing diapers now

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It seems that people are getting more and more ridiculous -


Now they are saying that we should ask a baby for consent before changing their diaper!!

How would that even work?

Mom: May I please have consensual permission to change your diaper?
Baby: Gaga Goo
Mom: Is that a yes or a no?
Baby: Goo goo Ga

Check out the ridiculousness here:




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Experts say to ask your baby for consent before changing diapers now

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It is indeed crazy. It's not only the said experts but also those who support the opinions and willingly acknowledge that those experts are experts, are also crazy. The collective of crazy people.

excellent point! these supposed "experts" and their opinions are not just nuts, but the people who believe them too...

I kinda wonder if these "experts" have any kiddos?!

What??? I'm not asking for permission! If the diaper smells, it is me or that diaper and i am the one paying for the rent !

LOL! Lord have mercy on our poor poor souls! Maybe, they should ask us before shitting in their diapers! (This coming from the mother of a 3 year old!) ;)

Good one!! - and the answer would be NO! ;)

Bahaha! You speak the truth my friend!

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