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Who needs them?

Poor people? Struggling people? Anyone that invested in the Crypto Universe during the year of 2018. That's who.

For the most part I prefer living alone. However, I do have two roommates. We share a house together. It's situation that works but it could certainly work better if I had my own place.


I planned on buying my own place at the beginning of 2018, and honestly if I pulled out some of my crypto I probably would have been able to afford it instead of losing it all in the great depression.

This isn't about me though. The other day I made a post titled Physical confrontations between adults in which I lambasted the use of violence between friends, or even between people that are above any sort of juvenile age.

Juvenile behavior is for juveniles after all, NOT working citizens with actual lives.

After all, who has time for that kind of nonsense?

Well one of my friends moved in with a buddy of his about six months ago. They haven't been getting along very well lately. There have been some conflicts.

Then, randomly, in the middle of a drinking session, his buddy decided to start punching him in the face and really laid my friend out.

He has a giant black eye and his ribs are all bruised. Apparently his buddy not only punched him repeatedly, but also jumped on top of him, elbowed him multiple times on the ground, stomped on him, and then choked him out.

This is not the kind of behavior that two adults should be engaging in.

In my opinion his buddy should have gone to jail for that. When two people live together.... it's called domestic abuse.

My friend didn't want to start a huge issue though. He figured they could talk about it and kind of work things out. He was hoping that his buddy would apologize, and that they would have a new path to walk together.

This didn't happen.


Apparently his buddy had been holding in a lot of different strong emotions regarding my friend. He was angry about a lot of different things, and my friend didn't know about those things.

So his buddy didn't apologize, and in fact has made his life really miserable in the past two days since the incident. Now my friend is going to have to move out.

The point of this article is that this.

You might think you know someone when you deal with them in an everyday situation like work.

You might think you know someone when you go out for drinks with them on occasion, or when you stay up late having conversations about a different woman, or a different problem that happened in your daily life.

The truth is, though, that it's hard to actually know someone until you really live with them.

This lesson was hard learned by my friend.

I wish him well, and I hope he finds a great new place to live. As for his buddy, I don't think that person should ever live with another roommate.

It's important to really get to know the people you live with.

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I have never had a roommate I wasn't married too. :).... but I have been on my own for almost 21 years and have always lived alone. At first it took everything I had to make that happen. From time to time I considered a roommate. I have heard more stories of how best friends came to hate each other after living alone and I am old enough to know that it's true you can't really know someone completely till you live 24/7 in the same space. One thing that usually helped me talk myself out of it, was not just having to learn to share the space with the roommate, but not knowing who or how many others they may want to have over to visit and not having any control of that. Even though financially it would have really helped, in the end, my peace of mind always won out and I just pushed through.


Well I did have a roommate I was married to once but she was a terrible cook and never liked to do her laundry so there was always a big pile on the floor.

Don't get me wrong, I would definitely prefer to live alone but it's more expensive and things aren't exactly working out my way right now.

Yah, I don't like to be buddies with people who fight, whether young or old. They don't just sit well with me.


Fighting is never a good thing.

Domestic violence between roommates. It’s not the first time I hear of it but it’s always super surprising.

Crazy, but I do always think these things don't just come out of the blue. I just seriously don't hang out with people who go around hitting people, drunk or sober.

I did a lot of dumb things when I was young, but I've never hung out with people who snap and start punching. We were not attracted to the same spaces and things.


Well I agree with that. Birds of a feather tend to flock together. However, once in a while somebody is simply hanging around the wrong people.

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