Staircase Documentary (6)

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A few more tidbits, Kathleen divorced her first husband due to infidelity. So there is no way she knew and was cool with the fact that Mike was having unprotected anal sex with male prostitutes. Liz Ratliff, the first woman he killed in Germany, also left her entire estate to Mike Peterson (and not her two daughters). I believe Liz, George, and Mike were all having sex together, and that Mike was also involved with George's mysterious death. Both Liz and Kathleen were found dead at the bottom of the stairs underneath the exact same 'Chat Noir' poster. And both Liz and Kathleen's blood were found on that very same poster many decades and continents apart. What another wacky coincidence!

The documentary left out the facts that Mike took off his bloody shoes and socks, there was a roll of paper towels next to Kathleen's dead body, the Windex was in the kitchen out in the open, Luminol showed Mike's bloody footprints going to and from the laundry room (an attempt had been made to clean them up), the two wine glasses (that they supposedly shared outside by the pool) only had Mike's fingerprints on them (Kathleen's prints were nowhere to be found on either glass), and the wine bottle was never found anywhere at the scene and Mike could not explain why.

Mike was checking his emails (it was later learned he was deleting hundreds of pics & emails, prolly from more prostitutes) while the EMT's and Police were on the scene, Mike never cooperated with the police at any time (not that night, or later on), and Mike's own sister believes he's guilty.

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