Anaglyph 3D (red/cyan) of a sexy woman (original)

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Put on your 3D glasses (red/cyan) and enjoy this sexy nude!
You will immediately see the effect. More details below the pic. Enjoy:


It's an original work of mine that i already had published on one of my websites. That website is offline since a good while, so why not sharing this pic with you ;)

The 3D Render shows an early version of my model Lena.
If you stare long enough at her - and i'm pretty sure you can't stop staring - you will most likely notice that there are 4 layers of depth. From farest to nearest:

Field in the background
The post with ivy
Body and stool
The #boobs :)

Like always, i've set up the scene in DazStudio, rendered every single layer and combined everything in #Photoshop where i also added the 3D #Anaglyph effect by hand. No fancy plug-ins involved.

Also note the combination of colored layers and the black/white model. Did you notice that?

Please let me know what you think in the comments. I appreciate your interest.

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