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The Scariest Story Ever pt. 2

in busy •  8 months ago


In the not so distant future

A man will come to power who will be very charismatic, he might be American or from Europe or the middle east. His rise to power will be swift and impressive. His speech will be more compelling than any leader before him. He will be a religious figure and political. He will have long hair and will wear long pearl white clothing and extremely rich.

Many will call him the messiah including the Jews who are expecting a conquering messiah to liberate them from their enemies. Many Zionist Christian are expecting Christ that can appear contrary to what the scriptures indicate. The Muslims are also waiting for a Christ to come and fulfill the end times. Contrary to Christians they don't think Christ died.

Anti simply means in place of. He will demand worship and consequently will need a house of worship. He will make peace with Israel's enemies and the 3rd temple of the Jews will be rebuild, either next to the dome of the rock or the dome will be moved. I suspect they will stand next to each other. You must think I am crazy, have you not seen the recent moves toward reconciliation between the North and South Korea's recently.

The World will be grateful that peace has finally come to the longest conflict that the world has ever known. They will truly believe he is god sent.

But he will be the greatest impostor that was there has ever been. By that time the systems will be in place so that the socialist global state can be implemented. We will have fully implemented digital currencies with implantable hardware wallets in our right hands or for those who are extra insecure about their funds; their foreheads.

After the third temple is rebuild he will proclaim himself to be God and demand worship. If you do not agree with the growing totalitarian regime. You are simply taken of basic income and your cold wallet disabled. Others deemed enemies of the state are hunted down and murdered: including a minority group who believe the scriptures and that do not dare take the implantable wallet.

Outside the cities are slumps where rejects and social delinquents have congregated without any means to buy or sell they trade themselves for food and drugs.

But this will not last long as the world will be close to ashes and global war will ravaged the earth even further. Till in the end everything will be burnt up. And a new start will commence


Have a wonderful day. And keep on Steeming!

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