The United Nations Secretary-General demanded justice for atrocities 6P5.29H

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The United Nations Secretary-General demanded justice for atrocities

The UN Security Council has strongly debated the Rohingya issue. UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteran has demanded justice for the brutal persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Besides, on Tuesday, the United Nations Security Council calls upon the Myanmar counterpart to take the crime to the International Criminal Court, Sweden and the Netherlands. But Myanmar's closed-door state China has urged the international community to stop international pressure on Myanmar. They said that the Myanmar government should be allowed to work for the return of Rohingya refugees after taking all possible means with Bangladesh. It has been said in news agency AP news.


It is to be noted that the meeting of UN Security Council on Tuesday in Burma on the anniversary of the brutal torture of Rohingyas. There the UN secretary-general called on that. Earlier on Monday the UN Human Rights Council investigators presented a report. Myanmar military leaders are called responsible for the genocide against the ethnic minority Rohingyas.

In Buddhist majority Myanmar Rohingyas are seen as exotic, although they are living there for generations after generations. Since 1982 almost all Rohingya citizenship was rejected. As a result, they became state-independent. Their movements and fundamental rights were rejected.

On August 25 last year, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Aresa) attacked the security guards. Some of them were killed. To retaliate, the army carried on unarmed ordinary Rohingyas to torture brutal torture. Rape, murder, torture, burn villages after burning villages. The UN Secretary General termed this issue as the destruction of the nation. He talked about the United Nations investigation and recommendations to the Security Council on Tuesday.

Said that these inquiries and recommendations demand the consideration of all councils or organizations related to the UN. He said effective international cooperation is very important to ensure that the mechanisms of accountability or justice are trustworthy, transparent, impartial, neutral and the obligation of Myanmar to international law.
Sweden's deputy ambassador to the United States, Carl Scau, said a little further, that his country called on Rohingya crisis to send to the International Criminal Court, in which the Burmese security forces carried out the brutal atrocities.
He also said, "We believe that the time is right now to move forward. We should consult a council member about this proposal.

Myanmar ambassador to the conference of the Council of Security Youth Congress He talked about why his government did not cooperate with the United Nations Fact Finding Mission. He said that the government did not cooperate with the mission because they were concerned about whether they would be unbiased. The report said that the report was published before the meeting of the Security Council. As a result, there are serious questions about the purpose of objective findings, impartiality and infidelity. He also said that Myanmar security guards have carried out raids to protect the lives and property of every citizen in the wake of a group of religious extremists of Rohingya. As a result, many people have been displaced. Myanmar government has formed an Independent Commission of Inquiry to investigate the allegations of human rights violations. They will report in a year. The former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Philippines Rosario Manolo is headed by Rosario Manolo. He is accompanied by former Japanese ambassador to the UN Kenozo Oshima and two members of Myanmar. Deputy ambassador to the United Nations U. Haita also spoke on the Security Council.

He said that Myanmar and Bangladesh should resolve the Rakhine issue by bilaterally. Now that the issue should be emphasized, it is possible to get back to Rohingya as soon as possible. No prerequisite should be given in this regard. During the return process, things like freelance and citizenship should be resolved quietly. In this case, the international community should look at the poverty reduction in Rakhine. So patience should be taken and the discussion between Myanmar and Bangladesh should be promoted. Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassili Nebenzia, called for a balance and unrestrained move in this regard. He said the deep problem of Rakhine should be resolved in a peaceful and diplomatic way. He hopes, all parties concerned in this regard will show patience.

Bangladesh Ambassador to the Council Masud Bin Momen He said every new evidence of violation of Rohingyas and violations of human rights is found every week. In view of the evidence of the brutal offense being brought against them, he called on the Security Council to take action. Bangladesh is preparing to return to Rohingya He expressed frustration, but it has not been started at least until now. The process can not be started until the Rohingya have their security, returning to their homes, the freedom of movement, the opportunity to work, their citizenship of Myanmar is met.

The meeting of the Security Council was chaired by British Minister Lord Tariq Ahmad. He said many countries are supporting this view. There is a new commitment to help Bangladesh. Rohingya Sasamya Politically Meet

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