Shot in the US Embassy in Turkey 5P28.20H

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Shot in the US Embassy in Turkey

Unidentified gunmen attacked the US embassy in Turkey's capital Their bullets hit the embassy's safety cabin window. However, no one was injured in this. The incident took place in the capital Ankara on Monday morning.


The news agency Reuters reported that gunmen fired at a car from the car, targeting the embassy. There are 4/5 bullet words available.

After the car ran away quickly. The attackers used a white-colored car. The US Embassy attacks happened in the United States and Turkey. A local police officer said that gunfight took place at around 5am. However, no one was injured or killed. The embassy is due to be closed for this week on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. Police have already started the operation to arrest the attackers. Police recovered the shells from the spot.

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