Afghan cricketer's prophet's record 6P4.30H

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Afghan cricketer's prophet's record

Afghanistan's talented cricketer Mohammad Nabi has made a new milestone mark in the history of the game. He has made the distinction of playing the 100th ODI match of the country. He won the title in the second ODI of the three-match series against Ireland yesterday.


But there are many who make the game of the game for the country. What is the record again?
But the Afghan all-rounder's prophet is a bit different. Yesterday was the 100th match of Afghanistan With this, the Prophet also got the taste of playing 100th match for the country.

The 33-year-old cricketer, who has given him the record number as an additional payment, As the only cricketer in history, he has won the 100th ODI in the country's 100th ODI.

Afghanistan made an ODI debut in 2009. Mohammed Nabi was also anointed with him. Since then, he has played in every ODI.

Kenya's Steve Tikolo (49 matches) and Zimbabwean Hutton (42 matches) are in second place and third in the list.
Mohammed Nabi is second in the playing match for the country. Zimbabwe's Andy Flower is at the top of the table with 172 one-day internationals.

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