My impressions of steemit

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The frequent mention of steemit in various Internet resources led me here. First of all, it was not financial interest, but more human curiosity. First impressions are very contradictory.
There is a mass, and a large number of posts that do not represent any practical or, even more, emotional interest, is true.
A lot of advertising in blogs and posts, it's understandable, everyone wants to eat and why not to use a social network with a literary bias as a platform for the distribution of goods - human practicality. Although human life, in everyday everyday sense, is rather monotonous and boring and splashes of drive, extraordinary actions, one's own or others', cause great interest, readers crave spectacles and events.
This is normal for human nature. There are a lot of great photomasters on steemit representing their work, I like it. There are interesting blogs, and most importantly people who describe not just part of their day, but their experiences and their emotional state, these are pearls in the mass flow of posts.
Crypto currency is undoubtedly of great interest for earning its own piece of bread, but human emotions are more important, but it is in my opinion. Interests in humanity and participants are different and everyone is looking for something interesting to him, me too.

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Ну да, все как в реальной жизни: толпа народу, кто-то хочет побольше денег, другой - признания его таланта, а кому-то просто нехватает общения. И если заходить сюда не только за быстрым баксом, всегда можно найти друзей, людей, близких по духу, интересам... ну, или просто красивые картинки посмотреть:-)
ИМО, самые классные посты это те, за которыми чувствуется автор, а не википедия.


Отличный комментарий. На 100% согласен. После него, даже я, не могу вставить свои 5 копеек:)

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