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RE: Steem Monster Rules - 101 (The Beginning)

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Thanks for this @davemccoy. I think it's unlikely that I am going to be any good at this game. Strategy is not my strong point and, with just the things you mention here, my brain starts to shut down with too many details to process.

But I'm happy to keep going for now and thereby become a better informed investor, if nothing else.

I have a couple of questions. When you say

Then you can either combine it with another card

  1. I am presuming that it needs to be the same card e.g. fire beetle plus fire beetle. Is that correct?

  2. Does the flag in the right hand corner indicate the number of that particular card you hold?

So in the case of Rexxie you hold 55?

That's it for now. I'm going to have a look at the manna and the summoners in my collection and see if I can see a colour that looks better than the others. 😊

Actually that isn't it I've now got a couple more questions . . . 😂

  1. Can you combine summoners?

  2. When you combine cards does the mana increase too or does that always stat the same?


First I think you will be better than you think... This is new to everyone, so don't feel that you are far behind, because you're not!

answer to 1. yes... same card to same card
answer to 2. yes... that is the amount that each person has in their deck

very good!

And yes I have 55 Rexxie's!

answer to second number 1. yes you can definitely combine summoners like all the other cards
answer to number 2, there is no impact whatsoever on mana. A level 1 or level 10, the mana will stay the same for that card!

Thanks for answering my questions @davemccoy. I'm hoping to watch a couple of videos later. 😊

i'm not sure where the best place to ask questions is @davemccoy so I hope you see this one . . .

  1. Having watched the two live games again i'm wondering what melee is. it's referred in relation to both games?

  2. Is there a way to increase the speed of a card or does that happen by combining them?

Ta! 😁