Are you just a facilitator or are you an enabler?

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If you could give people something for free, what would it be and why?

This is a very interesting question that came up in my class one day. Students had a lot to say about this, but this make me think a little and my answer was something like this.

I would give people free education! 

To me, education is the keyword to success.  If people are educated enough then this world will be a better place.  Remember the following saying:

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. 

I have taught many students in my lifetime, and I have found very few with real vision in life. They all have their hopes and dreams, but in the end I have seen many of my students just floating around after school. Ending up in dead end jobs just to become part of this sick rat race that we call life. 

Some get stuck in a rut, no knowing where to go. Generation after generation just go into the same direction, playing follow the leader. 

Quite a few have followed in their parent's footsteps, but then there are others, that really went over and above my expectations....  

In life there are two different teachers.  Some of them are just facilitators, and others are enablers. 

A facilitator is someone that just brings the information to the table and force feed this down their student's throats.  

An enabler is someone that teaches a child to think for themselves, and to motivate them to see the bigger picture. 

In life, things are often difficult and we all get stuck somewhere along the line. Life is hard and difficult, but we get through this and we survive. I want to teach my kids, no only to survive, but to be the best they can be at all times.

I want my kids to think for themselves, and to better themselves at all times. This is one of my favorite sayings:

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What type of teacher are you? Are you just a facilitator or are you and enabler? What are some of your favorite sayings in class?





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Hello @giantbear, I consider myself an enabler, although I do not imagine that word, but as you describe it here, it is like that. For a long time I was a teacher in private and public schools, I always liked education. I give free education and I would always give it, I like to teach children mainly Christian values, I know what educating children in values, we form the citizen of the future. I spent whole hours talking with the children, there were days that I did not even use the blackboard. With just one reading or an experience told by the students, it was enough to pass the class of that day. Unfortunately I had to step aside, by the way the government wanted me to teach my classes, entered the dictatorship to schools and I preferred to move away, with much pain for the children but I could not stay there, but nevertheless I am as a servant of God in a church where I teach the youngest of the church. I love this. Thanks for bringing memories to my mind.


Hi there, I get in so much trouble because I don't stick to the curriculum at times, but I don't care. Kids need to be taught how to think for themselves and see the bigger picture. I often give them the work to do and then we do a little before we start discussing things. I have a very open mind and I really am open to anything. Luckily my kids know me like Often I go down to the student's level, to understand their way of thinking but it helps a lot. It is sad that you had to step away and it is sad that a certain curriculum is forced onto kids and teachers. If we had free range, the world would be a much better place.

There's a typo in your title..... I thought you'd like to know 😉
I believe in being an enabler.


Oh thank you so much, it would have haunted me if I did not see that!


Oh thank you so much,
It would have haunted me if
I did not see that!

                 - giantbear

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Never mind... But hey, there's one more... This time a grammatical one..... It should be "an enabler" not "and enabler". Even I didn't noticed that before.


OH dear goodness, I'm turning into my students! I don't check my


An enabler? I had not read that concept before.
I have always tried to teach all the people who are on my way and I look for a thousand ways to make them understand something that complicates them.
I think that is a gift. One can not do the other's homework, he has to teach him how to do it, because the day you are not there, next to that child in an exam, that day he will lose all confidence and will not know how to respond to anything by himself.
It's like giving your shoes to walk the road but not loading them.
And I keep repeating my thinking: Not all of us are born for lawyers and doctors, but dedicate yourself to what you like and work every day to be the best you love.
Each one has its own quality, each one with its own tastes, each one with its potentialities and each one with its learning time, that must also be respected.

Hey I thought I made up the phrase work smarter not harder! Lol. Great minds think alike.
I love to plant the seeds and after a while it grows. I am so surprised at what people and children remember that is such a big deal to them and not much to me. Lol
Great topic.
PS. I love your bear!! He is so cute!


Thank you. I have three little bears that I use, but I have been using this specific one for such a long time now I feel too bad to use the others.

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