The Introduceyourself Helpie Curation Incentive

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Greetings Steemian's,

Welcome to The Introduceyourself Helpie Curation Incentive #5

I've been having quite a fun time with this initiative, and can hardly believe that this is the 5th one already. Time flies!

Some pretty amazing things have started happening since the decision for @helpie to move towards manual curation.

This being stated, the helpie's who've stepped up to the plate to become curators for helpie have really blown me away. Not just with efficient voting practices, but also @paintingangels art work for @helpiecake, @eonwarped's attention to detail with management to the @helpiecake and @helpie accounts, (not to mention his patience with all of futuremind's questions 😉) the team work in our special little helpiecake room, high morale, and really some amazing ideas in general.

One such example is Space Cake Curation-Helpie × MSP Collaboration which has blossomed into existence from the amazing @staceyjean!

These are just a couple examples, we have many many more amazing Steemian's, doing amazing things in the @helpie community.

This is really awesome, and I'm honored to work with all of the amazing helpie's, not to mention our super fun hangouts. There is never a dull moment with you men and women!


A quick run down of what I do with the helpie curation incentive is:

  • I look through the new posts in the introduceyourself tag, until I see one that stands out and is undervalued. There is no real basis for under-value really, but if it's under a dollar, this is a pretty good qualifier for futuremind.

  • I perform some quick forensics to ensure we're not dealing with a takie who's mutiplied him or herself into existence and posed as a new user.

  • Upvote the post 100%, start the oven for the baking of some fresh Steem Birthday cake, after it's cooked to perfection, a @helpiecake is ready for consumption, and @helpie is right behind, trailing with love votes.

  • I also resteem the post, and send 1 Steem as a welcome gift.

  • In some cases, I'll I help out with some delegation. Today was such a case, because this user had 0 SP, and not a bit of delegation. No biggy, we got this.

Today's Pick


Reasons for selection:

  • Nice grammar and formatting.
  • Listed his interests and areas of expertise.
  • His talent tells me he is someone good for the blockchain.
  • Post felt genuine.
  • Post made me feel good.

Welcome to Steem! @sylleria

You've been hooked up with some helpie love.

  • Your post was curated by the helpie family.
  • Upvoted and resteemed by @futuremind and @helpiecake
  • 1 Steem welcoming gift sent.
  • 25 SP delegation from futuremind so you can post and chat without serious disruption from lack of resource credits.

I can't wait to see what you share in the future!

This concludes the 5th installment of The Introduceyourself Helpie Curation Incentive.

Much love,

Get some good karma into your life, vote good-karma for witness!

Witness link

Please consider voting helpie for witness

Our hope is that those who decide to support @helpie's efforts do so because they see the value in people too.


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WoW! Thanks for the feature in your post! Its much appreciated and gives me a good feeling that someone liked my post! Also, thanks for the delegation!! :)

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My pleasure man! Welcome! Seems the resource credits are working just fine, which was the intended purpose! 😉

I'm sure you're going to enjoy our blockchain, and I'm happy your first impression here has been a positive one! 😎

Thanks for the effort! :)

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My pleasure, thank you for stopping by and showing support! :)

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Thank you.
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This post has been manually curated, resteemed
and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!

200 (1).gif

Yay! You're doing such a great job "in the kitchen" already! Thank you for all you do, and here's some cake for YOU! ♥
Manually curated by @paintingangels.

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