May Steem review!

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Well May was another great month! The growth was again astonishing.


The target which was set for May was to have 3314 own SP. And this target was crushed. I was capable to another 674 SP to my holdings!
This was a combination of blogging, curating and gambling!

Curation rewards!

May was the first month that I did surpass the 20 steem curation earnings! @abh12345 did promise that this would happen this year, but in his prognoses it was later in the year! To his defence, he couldn't forsee my account growth!

The total curation earning were 21.99 Steem! This brings the total curation earning for 2019 on 79.399 SP, which is almost the double already of 2018.
I do expect that June will also be above 20 steem! At least that will be the target.

Author rewards

Well these were a lot less than in April. I did earn 126.128 SP and 30.635 SBD with my blog and comments! That is almost a decrease of 50% compared to April. No idea what the reason was behind this! I do expect that this will be a little bit higher in June.


I am still on track to get to dolphinhood this year! But the motivation is decreasing a lot. No idea why!
This will be the biggest hurddle to take, if I do want to achieve this goal.
I do need 1107 more SP to reach this goal. With 212 days more to go this year, this means that I will have to earn 5.222SP per day.
We will see how it goes!
Also HF21 could be change the game completely. I have no idea what a 50/50 spread will do with my motivation to reach this goal! I have mixed feelings about this! For most of us, it will change the game from being a blogger to being a curator! I don't know if this is good or bad! Time will tell!



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Hey well done mate your steem and sp is growing. And what is the 50-50 going to do? I don't know enough about it - the HF21?
I presume you earn most of your steem form betting, that being in your title lol. Very interesting that it is profitable for you. I presume you risk a few steem to earn some more.
Dolphin is not far away. By the way, is their really any value in having more SP or steem invested other that to increase your upvote for the benefit of others? i know investing in Steem now will be profitable as STEEM will grow in price with teh bull market this next few years. But is there any value in accumulating SP directly?

If you look at the curation rewards it is! It is a 2 side cutting knife. The more SP you have, the bigger your upvotes for others but also the more curation rewards you will earn!
If you look at the curation chart, you can also more or less see the increase of SP holdings. I guess if I would draw the same chart for SP holdings, it will more or less follow a same line!
Besides the curation, it also gives you the possibility to delegate SP to other users or programs!

With those numbers and your constant use I’m sure you’ll gobble up that last 1300 SP in no time! Not sure what will happen in the next HF but should make our race to 5000 pretty interesting

I guess we will need to be there before the hf kicks in.
The more SP the more curation rewards you will get!
Bits will probably used as curators, where a part of the profit will be shared among the delegators.

Great progress indeed! I think many of us are concerned about the HF changes being discussed but your approach will be exactly what most of us will need to do to determine the best path forward to grow our accounts after itbis implemented. It will take trial and error to determine our best behaviors going forward.

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Time will tell what the best strategy will be, but I guess it will change the behaviour of the bots! The will become curator bots!

Going strong Peter 💪

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Thanks @beat-the-bookies!
It will become a different game when I do hit the 5K mark!

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Your curation goes up and your author rewards go down, so to that extend HF21 could be good for you. However you still earn a lot more with authoring, so that could be worse. We'll see how it works in the coming months.
Any idea when HF21 is scheduled?


No idea! But I do think that the more SP you have, the better the change will be for one!
I am very curious how things will evolve! Why take the effort to write a post, if you can earn more with curating. It will be a complete different game!

True. It seems like a measure that benefits the bigger accounts more than the smaller ones. So it becomes even harder to grow on the blockchain.

We'll see how things evolve...

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Setting goals and monitoring your stats is a great way of growing your steem business for sure. I haven’t looked at my numbers like that and I should.

I bet May was a slow month for many with the return of the nice weather, distractions associated with a little crypto bull run, and pre-meos fud. I noticed a bunch of 15%, $0.00 upvotes for comments this month which confuses me.

Maybe my comments are not as valued for the people I support so I have added all new ones to spend my time engaging with!

Dolphin time in 2019 for you my friend.

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Let's hope so!
There is no reason with setting a goal if you don't monitor the progress! Without monitoring you doesn't have a clue where you are or aren't!
Nice weather wasn't a problem here :) Last weekend was the first nice weekend of May and euhm also the last!
I don't write enough comments to have an idea. I did stop upvoting comment many moons ago! I prefer to upvote the main posts of commenter, I do think that this does have more value!

My strategy is a little different. I want to make my tiny upvotes worth something and not spread dust. So, I try and put .02$ on all comments and then a 50% vote on content. Sometimes the 50% is lower than .02$ but there are other votes that bring it up to reward threshold.

My thoughts at least. I want to spread it to as many content providers and engages alike. Can’t wait till my votes are worth way more when steem rises and I can hit even more people.

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Those are some solid curation rewards! I don't really track my earnings too much; I just keep plugging away week to week and power up as I get some decent rewards built up. :) I hope you can keep up your motivation to hit that dolphin status soon!

Motivation is indeed the key! Persistence is needed and without motivation there will be no persistence!
It is easy to get an insight in the curation rewards with this link:
Can take some while to load the first time! Looks like you earned almost 11 SP in May with curating. A massive increase compared to April.
Well done!

Oh cool! Thanks for the tip! :)

Impressive charting and growth mate! Glad to see you're on a mission and hope you get there (although it seems you're not too far away if you keep up current form)!

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I have to admit that it is hard to keep up the pace! But we will try and see where it will get me!

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Hey Peter!! Congrats 😇😇
Just a quick question: when you earn from curation, how much voting power do you allow to be depleted before taking a break?

It all depends. I do a combinatio of manual curating, auto curating and vote selling.
The vote selling is because I don't like my voting power to be 100%. So, this is configured to sell votes above when the voting power is above 92%. I do use smartseem for this:
The automatice voting is done via steemauto. Here I do upvote 1 post per day max for per author. The voting percentage does depend on the author! The autovoting is set on 13 or 14 minutes after the post is published, depending on the author.
This should leave me enough voting power to do some manual curation. I do try to keep my VP above 80% in total.


For me, it's seems big numbers. I still learning how to get maximum curation and rewards

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Almost parabolic :)

Nice that you are on track for Dolphin... I should clock in a year or so after you! Anyway, congrats on teh curation rewards... I'm not really tracking those for myself... they are so small... however, that might all change soon with the 50/50!

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Wow! CONGRATS on being that close to Dolphin status! That is amazing! We will be cheering you on! 😃