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STEEMFest Lisbon in November 2017 is the reason I am still STEEMing, even though I did not attend. This is a story of unintended consequences.

The person who did attend and made a difference for me and many others afterwards is @jerrybanfield. He was still high on STEEM and barely hated yet by all the other bigs. He went to STEEMFest full of energy and excitement.

While there, Jerry met one of more Third World STEEMians who told him what a difference STEEM money made to their lives. He came back and wrote a post about this humbling experience, saying that he had found out $5 usd a week could actually help people in poorer parts of the world.

I already knew Jerry from other platforms and told him I was living in Bangkok where $5 could feed me for a few days. A few others told him similar stories from other parts of the world.

A couple of days later Jerry issued a challenge:

  • get on his whitelist
  • write up to 5 posts a day
  • he would upvote all posts up to 5 a day for 5% of his power which was about 75 cents at the time.

His point was that all of us little guys needed to learn how to post quickly and effectively on STEEM. We needed to learn how to do better here. He was already voting for many of us, including me, and none of us were posting frequently enough in his opinion. We all needed to get on the stick!

He would fund the learning curve, if we would post.

I took the challenge with many others. I never got to 5 posts a day, but I did post 3-4 posts a day for the next two months. It was a revelation.

I had entered STEEM in July 2017 and since then had not done too well. I was posting one or two big long posts a week about weight loss and some other "big" topic and getting no result.

No one was reading my 3000 word posts!!!

Only two things were working for me:

  • I was learning to curate and leasing delegated sp to grow my two blogs.
  • I was writing minnow tips when I figured things out here - mostly for myself, but other baby blogs were glad to get the information too.

STEEM was my first introduction to crypto and the learning curve was steep.

On October 15th, I had given myself 30 more days to succeed. If not, I was giving up and going back to online weight loss coaching. I do not like this work, and had been glad to get off it to try to STEEM. But I had to admit that STEEM was a lot of effort for very little reward at that point.

So now, as of about November 10th that year, I decided to try Jerry's challenge instead. To get all those posts out, I had to find a new way to work on STEEM.

By November 15th I was so busy trying to get 4 posts a day out that I was not thinking of leaving.

Steps I took

  • I started daily freewriting with @mariannewest.
  • I started posting photo posts into challenges and contests.
  • I started entering contests on other topics.
  • I started looking for other challenges that would not take too long to do.


  • I got Jerry' votes for all of this work.
  • I got votes from others.
  • I made hundreds of new connections.
  • I learned all kinds of STEEM knowledge.

And then the STEEM price shot up.

Jerry closed down his program at the end of December saying "There's this new thing called bidbots. Keep posting as much as you are, and use the bots and you will do even better." He wrote a few post to show us how to use them.

And so I did.

Later in the spring the bot system changed and I stopped using them, but they sure worked when they were new.

The money I was able to take from December to March kept me going until August. By then I had connections, steem friends, and resources here. Going back to the depressing world of trying to help morbidly obese people lose weight was not what I wanted to do.

Back then we did not have dApps or as many options as we do now. STEEM was complicated, but nowhere near as complicated as it is now.

I wonder what would happen if some bigs would do a similar sponsorship to new redfish today. Could those people succeed and could our kill-rate improve?

Reducing the kill rate.

This is one of the topics I want to hear about at STEEMFest 4 in Bangkok. I am so very, very grateful that I will get that chance. I am representing all of the small fish here who see the power of STEEM like I do and want to succeed.

I won the conference fee to STEEMFest in Bangkok a few days ago.

I am still in need of funds to make the trip.

What do I need?

The total amount of my immediate need is about $150 USD. This is 1100 STEEM, and I have about 300-400 coming in time now. I am so grateful to those who have already helped anonymously and to:

I will be leaving by bus from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the night of Monday November 4 and arriving by train in Bangkok on the morning of Wednesday November 6. Banks in Asia are open on Sunday, and I am hoping to have all the cash I need in hand by then.

If you would like to help me get to STEEMFest, you can!

You can upvote any of the posts on my three STEEM blogs, especially those close to payout:


  • You can send any amount of STEEM/SBD to my @fitinfun wallet.

  • If you would like to send cash by paypal, please contact me in Discord. Sending that money to a member of TeamMalaysia instead of to me directly ends up being quicker and with much less fees.

  • If you would like to send cash to my Thailand Bank account where I can access it with no fees while there, please contact me in Discord to get that information.

My Discord Contact Info:


STEEMFEST Information

If you want all the details about STEEMFest

Read @roelandp's announcement.

The official STEEMFest web page is here:

Conference tickets are on sale now:

The conference ticket price continually increases, so get yours now if you can.

My RoadToSTEEMfest posts:


Contests I have entered:

What I do on STEEM


  • freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • Minnow Tips
  • Photography
  • Travel


  • Food and ccc contest posts
  • Tasteem restaurant reviews
  • @pifc contest entries


  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions

My most recent summary of Minnow Tips is here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM



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@fitinfun, I'm glad that you continue to maintain enthusiasm on steem, this is an incentive for each of us. I tell you that @jerrybanfield continues to support the little ones. Receive my affections.

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I was going to mention that on this post, @felixgarciap, but I did not want to go so long.

When Jerry changed his bidbot to be free, I got on that too, and I am so grateful. When he did that before the fork, I decided to stop worrying. And now most of the other bidbots are free too, so I am glad for his example.

Thank you so much for all of you continual support, my friend.

NOTE to anyone:
If you want Jerry's free upvote too, go to this older post and follow directions. His uses the blacklists and will not add you if you are on them:

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