Minnow Tip! Post More When STEEM is on Sale

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Now is the Time to Keep Posting on STEEM fitinfun.jpg

If you are a STEEM blogger, here is your chance to grow your blog. The STEEM is down now and this is a great opportunity to increase your SP.

Why post more when the STEEM price is low?

  • You get more SP than with a high price
  • Fewer people are posting
  • Voters have higher power
  • You stay in the game

Let's go over these ideas one by one:

You get more SP when the STEEM price is low

The name of this game is "Grow Your SP." You need 500 SP to be a minnow, and often this is a slow road. At a time of low prices, you grow more quickly here.

The economics of your author rewards for posts and comments are like this.

  • First you get half of the payout in SBD (and STEEM when the price is low - see NOTE below)
  • Second, the rest of your payout is converted to SP and you get however many SP units as your remaining payout translates to.

= =
Your post payout is divided into SBD/SP STEEM right now. Normally we only get SBD and STEEM.

But when the price is low, STEEM starts printing less SBD as follows:

When the blockchain sees there is too much SBD printed it will start printing STEEM for a portion of the liquid author rewards. During this time you will receive less than $1 worth of Steem per SBD converted through the conversion function – you are getting the STEEM instead.

= =

For this analysis, I’m ignoring the part about the SBD/STEEM split. It is STILL half of your reward no matter how they pay it to you.

We are focusing here on the part of the post payout that grows our SP under a variety of price levels.

In the left column of all three charts below are STEEM prices of:

  • $0.25 - about where we are now
  • $1.00 - would be nice
  • $5.00 - a dream come true

Next I show a post payout you might get on your post:

  • The first chart shows your post with a $1 payout
  • The second chart shows your post with a $2 payout
  • The third chart shows your post with a $10 payout

STEEM post payout splits fitinfun.PNG

Notice you ALWAYS get HALF of the payout in SBD/STEEM first. This is the same at all prices and payouts.

The remaining amount "buys" you SP.

In the first example of a $1 post payout:

  • you get 2 SP when the STEEM price is 25 cents
    (the 50 cents remaining gets you 2 sp when they cost 25 cents each)
  • you get 0.1 SP when the STEEM price is 5 dollars
    (the 50 cents remaining gets you 0.10 sp when they cost five dollars each)

In the last example of a $10 post payout:

  • you get 20 SP when the STEEM price is 25 cents
    (the $5 remaining gets you 20 sp when they cost 25 cents each)
  • you get 1 SP when the STEEM price is 5 dollars
    (the $5 remaining gets you 1 sp when they cost $5 each)

In Conclusion for this section:

The more you post now, the faster your sp grows and the stronger your blog will be for future. All due to the economics of STEEM payouts and the low price.

So, how can you get higher post payouts now?

Fewer people are posting on STEEM

This is what was on @penguinpablo’s last weekly report:

weekly posts penquin pablo.PNG


Fewer people are posting. The die-hards are still here. They have to vote on something. Maybe they will see your posts and vote for you.

Voters have higher power

Many voters, especially auto-voters and program (dApp) voters have more power now. With less posts to vote for, they are not as active. Some of them are up over 95% power now. Here are some of my voters that have very high power now:

  • busy
  • share2steem
  • goldmonkey
  • incinboost
  • minnowbuilder (regular and 2-4)
  • qurator
  • most small trail voters
  • some large trail voters

So, when these places vote for your posts at a standard percent, the vote is bigger since they have more power, though smaller due to the low price.

How does that even out? I think it goes against us, but I still want the higher power votes.

You stay in the game

In two years I have seen a few price drops and posted through all of them. Over and over, people leave and then come back when the price recovers. Therefore:

  • the people who stayed are not impressed when you return.
  • the person coming back has to gear up and remember how to post again. They will have missed upgrades and changes while they were gone. As you know, changes are coming quickly these days.


Often when the price recovers, people post about how they “should have bought in” when they price was low. I cannot buy in at any price. But I can blog more and keeping blogging when the price is low and accomplish the same thing.

What should I post?

Good places to post are listed here:


Top paying dApps are listed here:



  • tasteem is up and down
  • share2steem does not work with steemit – use steempeak, busy or esteem instead.

I hope this post convinces you to keep posting at STEEM. You are not a STEEM blogger unless there are current posts on your blog!

Please read more of my Minnow Tips here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

I am here because I am a natural weight loss success story and now a coach. If you need help in this area, ask me, and I will help you.

fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg

And here is the update on my current situation - trying to pay my rent and keep my wifi going:

Any help or suggestions will be so gratefully accepted and appreciated.



Fingers crossed.
I have been posting more without knowing these numbers. Not that I want the price to remain low. On the contrary, but all things considered let's make the best of it
Thanks for the tips

You're welcome, @hlezama. You are doing the right thing. It's best to be optimistic and active no matter what. I know the tips will help if you work through them :)

I have been trying to use Share2Steem but I just can't get pass the linking account step. Actually, today it has been a hard day to use other sites, such as ulog. I can't get to log in and i had already set that up to log in automatically. SteemConnect must have done some changes
I don't know how people manage to be in tens of platforms/sistersites at the same time.
In any case, any tips about delegating to accounts like S2S?

I do not delegate, I lease delegations so my vote will be bigger to help others. But if you go to https://share2steem.io/, I think they have information and also go to their discord which is active.

As to linking, I had some trouble too. Just keep trying and working through the steps. Ask that in discord too, @hlezama.

SteemConnect did do some changes, but I think the bigger problem is this cloudflare thing steemit just added.

cloudflare checking your browser for hackers.PNG

A lot of places cannot get past this firewall now and it would not surprise me if ulog is one of those

I feel like adding that in these times reputation also grows much faster than in 2017 and the first half of 2018. I observed this multiple times and maybe I'm profiting from it too.

Hi @fitinfun,

Great post! It is sad to hear and see that fewer people are posting now a days, because posts likes this (and off course others) are a great source of information.

Also the post payout is a nice picture with great information, I was wondering how this worked.

At last, the links you dropped in about your previous post are very helpful. I'm glad I clicked and read this post, it is very helpful and interesting to see how the price of steem inflicts with the SP you get.

You've got my up vote!

AW! Thank you so much, @donhiddit. I really appreciate the upvote and compliments and I am so glad this helps you. We have a very confusing place here, and you can never have too much knowledge :)

Comment anywhere and tag me if you ever need help with any of my tips. A lot of people have used them, and I keep trying to improve.

Thank you again :)

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This is very motivating @fitinfun and great insight. Thank you!

Posted using Partiko Android

Glad to help, @reonlouw! Just keep posting :)

In two years I have seen a few price drops and posted through all of them

Same here! Aside from taking a month off due to my husband's heart attack and surgery earlier this year,I have been faithfully blogging, posting and more.

The lower prices don't discourage me. I have patience with built-in dedication.

Me too! There is no other choice for me. So glad you stick with it too, @goldendawne. And very glad your hubs is doing better and got through that mess.

I was actually wondering if the maths work out this way. Thanks for the advice :)

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm glad to help, @goodguymate. It's nice to know these details.

We gotta keep building up right?? :)

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm trying my best. Staying upbeat and keeping your presence here is critical I think. So glad to see you, @sergiomendes.

And You are doing amazing. You know I am jealous of You and your strength and work ethics ❤

Posted using Partiko Android

My rent is late, my wifi needs to be paid soon or it will go down, and I am in a panic with almost no payouts coming on my 8-10 posts a day on 3 blogs. My strength is being tested now, @sergiomendes.

Ohhhhhhh fuck. That is messed up. I hate people are still sleeping on how amazing you are. 😭😭😭😭 at this time I really can't be of monetary help. Since i was forced to move out even had to ask money to a friend to help me with finding and renting a new place. So all my earnings are into paying her back. But i will try and think about a way to get you some funds to help You. Lets see if i can come up with any idea. Hang in there. I know no matter how many times you will be tested You will always pass with flying grades cause You are that bitch and no one can get You down.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you, @sergiomendes. I'm trying, but I just do not think helping little people here is working. I'm so paralyzed now. I do have supporters, but it is just never enough.

I'm glad you got out of the other place - that was no good!

Thank you for the boost. I really need it now.

This is better than a tip, this is like a steem cheat code! I’m definitely planning on getting some extra SP for myself but I was only thinking in terms of buying. Great post though!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you for this nice comment, @bigtakosensei. I'm glad you like the post so much. This is a good time to buy if you can. Hopefully we are at the bottom.

Voted & resteemed!
This is very informative specially for the new comers.
I’m addicted to Steemit weither it’s bear or bull run, lol

I'm glad you like the post, @joyrobinson. Post 2-4 times a day for best results :)

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