Freewrite Day 604 Caducity

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Caducity is the infirmity of old age and senility. We know this thanks to the helpful description on the freewrite prompt today so we do not all have to go look it up. I feel like I am living it now after being so sick for the last weeks. I’m 60 years old, and this is ancient in SE Asia, so I am definitely in the demographic.

I have worked in nursing homes and given home health care to both young and old. I can say for sure that age is just a number. I have worked with young people who seemed very old and old people who were sharp as a tack both mentally and physically. It all depends on how sick you are, your attitude, and the steps you take to deal with your situation.

I am in a number of chronic pain groups online. Some of those have very young people in them who have very debilitating conditions that cause them to have trouble functioning on every level. They cannot do the tasks of daily living, people think they are lazy, and they just want to curl up into a ball and cry. When you read their posts, you would think they are 100 years old, and then at the end they say, “I am 19 years old.” This is the saddest thing I read on any given day.

Then I can go to nomad groups are read posts by people 80+ who are having the time of their lives roaming the world and having exciting adventures. Their health is good and they are making every moment count. These are the posts that make my day and help me to keep striving for myself.

My post is for the #freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest. Freewrite is a great way to post on steemit when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. It’s a great way to start regular posting on steemit. I know you can do this too! Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.

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So much wisdom in this - thanks Sharon!
The "lazy" label also gets slapped on bright young ADHD people. Those with chronic conditions that defy diagnosis and treatment may wish for some outward sign of pain, like a bruise, a scar, something that shows the world "I'm hurting even though I look healthy." This: young people who have very debilitating conditions that cause them to have trouble functioning on every level. They cannot do the tasks of daily living, people think they are lazy...
I hope that changes - and hearing from people like you is the first step to making that happen.

I often read this idea, that people wish they somehow "looked sick" so that others would understand and be more sympathetic. I go with the idea that you cannot change others - only yourself. Chronic disease is not easy if you can see it or not :(

"If you felt as good as you look, you'd feel like a million bucks" - (I made that up years ago but I'm sure someone else already thought of it) - I guess we should be glad we don't look as awful as we feel sometimes. :)

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I learnt to deal with chronic pain with mindfulness

Really? how are you doing this? What type of pain issue is it helping?


Health is the most important thing we have.

Yes, trying to keep mine going :)