Yellowstone 2018 (TV Series)

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Yellowstone 2018


I do not usually write reviews and I usually do not start watching a series, before it finished.
I enjoyed Hatfield & McCoys (2013), so when I stumbled upon this latest series, I had to have a look.

I like Kevin Costner as a producer, ever since Open Range (2003)

Like Hatfield and McCoys, this series is about old money.
I find that stuff fascinating.

Epic Quote from the first episode:

(About selling land to gain leverage)

'leverage is to know that, if someone had all the money in the world ... this is what they would buy.'

That scene was missing more epic music and landscape pans ...

The whole story and the concept of old money reminds me a lot of how the ancient Greeks and Romans lived and saw themselves. The plot also reminds me of classic tragedies.

It ticks a lot of boxes:

  • 'Romeo and Juliet' scenario.
  • family feud
  • a tyrant
  • a first born son dies right at the start
  • slaves
  • burial rites
  • a lot of people die

Old money is a key to understand how the States came about and how they work.
I only recently learned about it and I find it fascinating.

I think Kevin Costner is doing something really cool here.
Like Clint Eastwood, he seems to make movies, he genuinely enjoys.

I never wanted to start watching series only to be waiting for the next episode to come out. I binge watched this one up until episode 6 and now I am desperately waiting for the next episode to come out. I wanted to avoid exactly this.

Apart from that, I can totally recommend it.

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I like "Persons of Interest" and "Do You Trust This Machine?" :)

Gracias @felixxx por traernos esas series de TV nuevas como por ejemplo está Yellosstone 2018