My Prediction for Yellowstone 2018 ( Possible Spoiler )

in busy •  4 months ago

I do not know if #series-prediction is a tag yet.
As I was watching the latest episode (9) of Yellowstone (, I noticed something ...

Possible Spoiler Alert !

When Rip tried saving the Asian tourists, it was the second time Asian people were trespassing on John Dutton's land. It happened before in episode 8, I believe, when he chased them away by firing his rifle in the air.

My prediction: Chinese investors will try to buy out the ranch.

Does anybody want to bet against me ?

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I liked the show until some batshit crazy situations started to happen. Wife sucker punched, almost died. Police ranger couldn't control the horse, got impaled later on, saved by the stone cold killer. This show became my holy shit did they run out of ideas so soon!? Don't even let me start with the kid. And yes, Chinese do not like that ranch at all.


I agree.
Kids in films always suck.
Perhaps it read better as a script; the density of the situations is too much.
The striptease dancer turned cowboy is the most ridiculous role, though.


This are a couple of go-to plot developments for series like these. There are no real good guys (a la Breaking Bad etc.) It's a kind of a sick trick to get people to root for essentially vile people. The next is to always take it to the extreme, and then in the next episode, prove that it can get more extreme. If you accept that as a given, it makes it easier to stay onboard.

I do give them points for the quick and concise backstories of the characters. It helps to make their actions a bit more believable, like the daughter!

The Chinese angle is a definite possibility.

Chinese will surely try. But Beth Dutton will sleep with their wives, ruin their companies, sell their shares for merely a cent, so...

ill check out that series. thx felix