Ladies Have A Keen Eye For Fashion Than Men

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Ladies have the a keen sense for fashion and a sharp eye for a unique dress or shoes.

Some ladies can spend the whole day looking to buy one single item.
Take for instance a lady looking to buy a dress she saw on tv that is being worn by her most important actress, if she can afford this dress , she will go out of her way to make sure she gets it.

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Ladies most often take out time to save for for their dream shoes or dress,and when ever the idea hits them or when ever they catch the fancy of an item, they visualize themselves in front of the mirror wearing it.
Very wonderful people and they like colourful dresses too.

for a woman to pick a single most favoured dress, She will walk the length and breadth of the boutique and if she is not satisfied she moves on to the next shop.
Ladies are blessed with this traits unlike men that really do not care how they look.

When she finally get the right dress, she then wears it like a boss.

Most women will not feel the same way about the dress again after wearing it ones or twices.
This is why women are admired anywhere they go, and the reason is because they take out time to look fabulous.

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