A beer with my dad after pacemaker success!

in busy •  2 months ago


The moment I got the call that I could pick up my dad the stress left my body.

Even though I know these guys are professionals and they probably do this stuff daily it's different when it's family or friends.

Can't help it.

Everything went well and the new pacemaker is in place! Hurray!

I picked him up around 5 and drove him home.

To celebrate the success we had beer.

He also showed me his old pacemaker that he was aloud to take with him.

I never seen one before.

Pretty impressive that this tiny device prolonged his life with 7 years and the new one will last even longer...10 years.


As you can imagine this is a very good start to this weekend!

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Great news!

It is amazing how technology in medicine has moved forward. The next time he needs one it may be one that lasts forever and have no time limit.

ah good. i knew it would be straight forward, good! :) cheers (raises a beer!)



A great way to start the weekend! Now, how about a steak cooked on the egg to go with that beer?


I like the way you think!

Cheers. Thanks for sharing the last two days about your father. I'm glad it went well.


Thank you!

Happy everything is doing great.
Take care of him and good for you to be a good son.
Keep on postin'

Hooray!!! I just saw your last post, but thankfully noticed this one immediately after (glad Gina is back :)!

I've had such bad news from so many lately, that I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to hear your good news! And celebrating with a beer ... I can't think of anything nicer :) It may sound weird, but give your dad a big happy-to-be-alive hug from me <3


Sorry to hear about your bad news but thank you for your kind words! I'll pass on the message!

Dear friend, I am very happy for the years of life that your father will have, I lost mine 4 years ago and it was very difficult, and this year, on January 2, I lost my mother, I tell you that the more you can enjoy the company of your father, do it, because once they leave this earth it is difficult for you.


Thank you, that'a good advice.


He is such a dear friend, when they are gone, there is not a day that you do not miss them.

Glad to see it went well!!!

That's great news

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"..that he was allowed to take.."

Great job posting daily!

Aww father and son time

Nice way to celebrate