Exploring The Network And Projects Of Steem Part 2

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For a while I made a post about the different projects that were on the steemit network in which people could interact and create or generate the content they wanted to leave the post at the end of this publication if you want to read it, On the other hand I think that It was time to do the second part of this post as there have been many outgoing projects that have potential within the network so let's see it thoroughly one by one.

Today we will start with one of my favorites which is Musing. To summarize the site of Musing is a simple page of questions and answers very similar to yahoo answers or others that are on the internet but with the only difference you can generate steem partisipando in this.
This was announced exactly 48 days ago from which it has not stopped improving as much as its graphical interface for all its devices as well as its internal code. This account already has a large number of users to bring online so little time.

Interface Of Site

the site has a pretty attractive interface as simple to use you can see it with the simple echo of entering https://musing.io in this you can find a message that says "Ask Questions, Write Answers, Earn Cryptocurrency." From this point of view it is good since not many places have this type of slogan if it can be said that it is one:


Site Operation

This could be said to be one of the deviles points of the application since all the questions that are asked and the answers are placed in the comments of the post echos in the account of @ musing-threads which according to the higher the application could bring problems with the burden of these although you have to see it from the point that it is difficult to create a question with a length greater than 300 words, in the same way both the questions and the answers have the purpose of being published in the profile of the user as a post that from my point of view I do not recommend.

Project Team

Like many projects, this team has a team that works hard to improve the site every day. In addition, it has a team of curators who give votes to the answers of the users who use the site. These votes are not only invoked in the answers since votes are also generated for questions of considerable importance the votes come from the main account which is @musing. On the other hand the team has a discord group in which the users can send the questions they have about this as well as their ideas to improve the site and make it more pleasant for the users.


without more to say about the site thanks for reading my post and I hope you like that you can have a good time asking your questions and answering the others

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