Hey doomsday. How do you feel about working a Saturday on a 3 day weekend?

in busy •  3 months ago


That's an out all I got to say about that. Someone lon me a million dollars already. Blahhhhhhh.

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What kind of stuff do you work on?

By the way that is serious set of tools. My tool kit looks like a giant lunch box, plus I have a few saws in a file cabinet😂🤣

I think you should have a contest. Here’s a picture of my workshop...

Someone got forked.

Now thats one Hard ForK.

Suck it up dude. Had to work over 30 years 1/2 a Day on Saturdays. Ever clean and deliver a car on Thanksgiving Day and work the entire weekend.?The Joys of running a business in the auto field when you get backed up.


Nope. Throws myself on floor and has a fit. Lol

That forking sucks. ...

Is danlupi on holiday?
My last three bids didn’t get an upvote?


Not sure. I would stop using it for now. I do not know what is wrong with it.