Do you want to see what we do with the race car throughout the week? — Steemit

Do you want to see what we do with the race car throughout the week?

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pull bar.JPG

This is a computer generated map of our pull bar angles. The pull bar is the device on the car that gives us forward drive and allows us to get traction on dirt. We were on the blue line and were pulling the front end off the ground like this

lakeside practice.jpg

this last weekend we moved it forward to the green line trying to get it to stop pushing through the front end . We ended up with the front end looking more like this .

pull bar 2.JPG

Just look at that poor steem logo all beat up back there.
With the new setup we are changing to a tie down shock on the right front that keeps it rolled over and helps it turn through the corner then adds drive on corner exit when we are pointed straight. So we are using the shock as a timing device. We do this by putting it on our shock dyno at our shop and we can time how long it should take to go from fully compressed to fully extended and simulate the corner by using our lap times and dividing out the track into sections.

Here is a video of a pull bar doing its thing. It is the top link that has the spring. It gives us traction in mud I guess you could say. lol.

The funny part is that that spring is a 1200 psi spring and with a 2500 pound car we can produce enough grip through the tires to compress that spring 3 inches. So somehow we are generating 3600 pounds of force through the contact patch of the tires. That is amazing to me and to be honest it should be physically impossible but we do it all the time.

Here is a view from the other side of the car with a different kind of bar. This one has bushings instead of a spring.

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Nice video. What triggers the pull bar?


it is strictly there to absorb torque from the interaction between the ground and the motor. it pulls when you get on the throttle. Here is a diffrent angle with a diffrent kind of pull bar. It has poly bushings instead of a spring.


wow.. OK.. So its effectively transferring some of the motor's output force into normal force for traction at the tires?


Yep. It is helping to lift the front of the car also to transfer weight to the rear tires. It also acts as a traction aid to keep the car hooked up.

Cool post motorhead:)


Thank you sir. I love this stuff to be honest. Sometimes I have a better time figuring out the car than actually going to the races. I really should start trying to put more of it on steemit but I am not good at doing videos and stuff so I would have to learn all that stuff also.


I really like your racing posts! I can feel the adrenaline and excitement jumping off the page:)

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook good

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