A little racing video from last saturday.

in busy •  2 months ago

Fast forward to about 8:40 to watch our race. We are the white 71 car. We had to start dead last since someone spun us in the heat race which resulted in a very small fight afterwards or as we call it a typical saturday night lol. Unfortunatly our panel with steemitt on it was damaged beyond repair so we have a different right rear panel now. Anyways Tony drove it from 14th to 3rd so that is not a bad night. Car was still a little tight through the middle, which causes it to be slower on corner exit,so we are working on that this week. The car is very close so every adjustment we make now is very small. The video looks like they are kinda slow but they are actually traveling between 60 to 85 mph at various points on the track. Average lap time on this 3/8 mile track is ussually around 15.8 -16.5 seconds.

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is that faggot on the right you?


lol. Not I am not in any videos. Far to handsome and manly. The camera would break.

That was a good view, It has been awhile since I watched any racing at all live or on a tube of any sort so I enjoyed it.


thanks. I have a blast every time we go out there. i like it a lot more when we win though lol

Good move off the bottom on the restart to get into 3rd. Notice he was running the outside after the last restart. To bad you guys could not reel in the 11 in 2nd place. The #42 was on rails the entire feature right into the winners circle.


this is Tonys 3rd year in a modified. He was track champ at that track last year, we blew everyone out of the water. This year we got rolled on night one and have been trying to get the car dialed back in. It was bent up pretty good. The guy in second is always pretty competative and they guy that won is leading in points this year. He has been racing for damn near 50 years so a lot of it is muscle memory at this point I think lol. He is a good guy and always races us clean so if we have to loose to anyone I guess that is who I would prefer to loose too. After the roll over we were a back of the pack car and started moving up week by week as we got the car back under tony. We have had 2 - 3rd place finishes in a row now so we are not far off. We need to make up about 2 tenths of a second a lap according to the transponder times to be on par with the leader.