"Donatello Club Music Awards" 2018 contest - SOUL-R, entry by @dexpartacus

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Dear music lovers
I'm happy to announce a new winner for "Donatello Club Music Awards" 2018 contest.

Original post, https://steemit.com/dsound/@dexpartacus/20180327t113913650z-watch-them-burn-soul-r-for-donatello-club-music-awards-contest-week-29.

Please listen to their track,

The band was born in 2011 in St. Vincent, a small village in Aosta Valley in the North of Italy. After different line up changes the band is now composed by Maniac (voice), Shinigami (bass), Mithra (guitar), Golberg (guitar) and Anubi (drums). The first self-produced ep has just been released; the sound is a sort of melodic death metal mixed with metalcore and prog sonorities.

Source: https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x7ab29aab9c96e4757b01d2c549cd764eb3c347dd

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Wow!!! Thanks a lot!!! We are really proud to win!! Amazing!! Donatello rules!!!🔝🍻🎉

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You are very welcome.
I have shared this post on https://m.facebook.com/groups/DonatelloClub.