Ulog #160: More Fried Rice - Thai Pork Fried Rice

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A continuation from my previous Ulog on Fried Rice, here's another one to tantalize your taste buds. Now some Thai fried rice!

This is one I had last weekend for lunch at a place called Thai Signature. It's a restaurant that opened up a few months ago and is operated by a local Malaysian man and his Thai wife. They serve superb tasting and authentic Thai food.

Thai food is known for it's heavy use of herbs and chili. This place lives up that kindda flavor profile. You get what you expect from a place that serves Thai cuisine.


Here I ordered a plate of Pork Fried Rice. It was super generous with the amount of pork slices which made a very flavorful and savory fried rice. It had loads of egg as well. Carrots and spring onions were the other ingredients in it.

It looks kindda bland but it tasted much better than it looked. A simple and humble fried rice dish that taste much more than it looks.

It came with some pickled house-made chili slices that complimented the fried rice perfectly.

I really like Thai food and this is one of my new favorite places to go whenever I'm craving for some Thai spice.

You can read a fuller version of my review here: https://steemit.com/tasteem/@danielwong/tasteem-08e76a


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