Torquay - holiday destination at English Riviera.

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Torqay is a small town on English Riviera, placed in south Devon, really close to Exeter (18 miles), and not far from Plymouth (28 miles). It's perfect destination for seaside holiday or short break.
This town is part of UNESCO accredited, English Riviera Global Geopark, and it was Agatha Christie home town, who was very famous writer. Everybody knows novels about Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective....

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Torqay is surrounded, by beautiful, sandy beaches, so it's very popular for short, summer holiday family breaks.
In city center you can find marina, well known among yachtsmen.

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At night, you can be sure, there is lots of pubs and clubs, casinos, where you can spend lot's of time ( and money..), but you can find good company and lot's of fun.
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I have been there couple of times, and I'll back there, for sure :)
If you have some questions, just let me know.

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Mam plan tam pojechac..... super miejsce. :D

Mozna by się umówić w kilka osób, na zdjęcia i pifko w lecie :)

Dawno tam nie byłem.