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Should each Steemian be like a Witness or a small pocket of a Witness? Should it be more like Bitcoin with the wallets where each person can hold part of the blockchain, the system, or something like that?


I personally think that it will require trimming, where we loose access to older historical data in the formal nodes only to be moved into an archive still accessible but with long term maintain ability in mind.

I would love to see a wallet system for quick historical access for the everyday user but as time increases these demands on resources will start getting insane with large on boarding and typical social media use by the masses.

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Bitcoin Steem Witnesses?

Should each Steem User be a Witness, like in the way Bitcoin wallets works with storing the Bitcoin blockchain on many computers, and not just on the servers, or should Steem try to do a little bit of both?

Bit Torrent Steem Time?

I'm thinking that we should be paid money to store the Steem blockchain onto our computer, and the more we upload, download, save, store, share, like a Bit Torrent system, then the more you earn in Steem, in SBD, in SP. We all should be encouraged and rewarded not just to create and curate content but to also store and distribute the content as well, maybe like IPFS and other things.

Steem Like IPFS

I like what you are saying with long-term storage and the wallet and it will continue to get tougher as Steem grows in the millions of users.