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Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"

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Totally agree with this post, the biggest problem here is definitely the notion of "quality".

All the law bots that try to enforce this, the main ones being @sadkitten @cheetah @badcontent are scaring people away.

The developers of the above law bots focus on "quality" or "self voting" or whatever they deem in-appropriate, the only real outcome of this will be to decrease user retention rates.

Facebook and Reddit don't send de-motivating law bots after you, they focus on "user retention" & "daily time on site" first and foremost.

This is something we should try to emulate here to grow into the most successful future... @ned

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Facebook and Twitter banned me for a picture that had a quote of something somebody said in the 30's and YouTube removed thousands of my videos and blog posts. Twitter banned people for typing the words "Info Wars" for example. #InformationWar


Hi, yes i know all about the censorship of the big boys, Google soft censored (and put out of business) millions of independent content creator websites long before they started attacking Youtube creators, i saw what was coming before it did (the day Google bought Youtube).

Twitter & Facebook followed suit.

This is one of the reasons while i feel it's really important for Steemit to get this right, law bots are a form of soft censorship.

Steemit has the potential to be a place of freedom, that's one of the reasons why i came here in the first place.

The other is the ability to get rewarded for time spent here of course, which i believe to be revolutionary.

EDITED: after reading your comment again, i should add that when google, facebook & twitter "the big 3" were in their growth phase, i.e. starting out, they concentrated on user retention as seen in the film "the social network" and googles "do no evil philosophy".

After the big 3 got bigger and achieved mass adoption, they switched their tactics* and started to focus more on making money & censorship, which is directly opposite to "user retention".

One last thing i would like to mention is that what's so promising about Steemit is that they can skip this nasty tactic step*

There is no need make money from ads like google does or be forced into censorship like the big 3 do from governmental legislation because...

  1. Steem makes it's own money
  2. Censorship is harder to do (if the will is there) on a decentralized system.

All Steemit has to do is increase the amount of users & focus on user retention, the price and everything else will follow.


I've heard that the Steem blockchain cannot remove content like Facebook does. However, I've also heard that the Steemit app, the website, the American Steemit Inc company, may remove content off (not if the government commands them to, like because of copyrights, child porn, Hillary Clinton's secret emails which were sold to China and other countries, or whatever. So, if Steemit were to maybe remove some of your content off, then you may still see the content still from or other apps of Steem, maybe. This is only what I've heard and I want to believe that this is basically how things are for better or for worse. To some extent, therefore, based off all of this, I'm thinking Steem is a lot better than Facebook and the big three in general as you were saying.

Bad Government

If American government became very bad (I mean, even worse than what the swamp already is) or something, and if they tried to force the USA Steemit Inc to remove Alex Jones content, as many newspapers are being forbidden to source Info Wars right now, then that could be a problem. The code for the Steem blockchain is probably good to let people add content that can't be removed after 7 days, theoretically it would seem. But I am worried that Chinese government, the NWO, or whatever, could try to force Steemit Inc or whoever to maybe change the Steem blockchain code, if that is even possible, to find a back door to allow for taking down content, or whatever. But for the most part, Steem and Gab and Minds and Bitchute and Real Video and others are the tip of the spear, so far so good, and better than the anti-social networks, the tech giants. Wishing the best for the new big tech.


Awesome comment, wishing the best for them as well, fingers crossed.