Why I Might Switch Completely To Busy.org + Steem Referral Links?

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Busy.org is an alternative front-end application that people use to interact with the Steem Blockchain. Their text editor is great and they have made amazing improvements on the user experience in general. I am seriously considering to switch completely to busy.org from now on...it's that good!

I didn't go on busy.org for months, it was only this weekend that I took a peep into it. To my astonishment, they have integrated referral links!

10% of their rewards for 30 days


To get there, first sign-up to Busy.org through SteemConnect. Then go to your Settings in the top right corner. You will see a link to "Invite".

Why I Might Switch Completely To Busy.Org

The Invite Link

The invite link is a pretty awesome feature. I would encourage everyone to share their busy.org invite links on their social media. It was a brilliant move by them to encourage onboarding through their platform.

Now that they have a really well functioning website, I think I'd rather direct the people I invite to join busy.org...I want people to have a good first impression and busy.org is the better option at this point.

Functioning Notification System

The fact that steemit.com notification system hasn't been repaired in months is quite annoying. Now on busy.org, I can see what's going on without having to wait for the Steemify Android App to come out.

Readability + Shareability

Compare reading my article from yesterday, ironically titled "Why Beauty Matters" on Steemit.com versus Busy.org .

The article found on busy.org is much more appealing to the eye AND much easier to share on Facebook and Twitter!

Less Buggy!

There are a lot of tabs that have bugs on my steemit.com profile. It's not easy to reply to comments, it shows the wrong reputation, sometimes showing that I have zero curation rewards, etc.

I like my front-end with less bug. Thank you.


Seeing how well busy.org is turning out to be really makes me happy and more confident in the future of the Steem Blockchain. I think busy.org has the potential to eat steemit.com lunch if Steemit Inc isn't careful about putting some efforts on the front-end.

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I've have using busy.org for quite a while now. I first got to know about it because of the rewards they give based on the rewards the give from the total steempower of all your followers. But referrals is really a huge step. I believe if busy.org were to keep on this path, it will soon overtake steemit.com.
Switching full time right away to busy.org as well, imma get some referrals.


@cryptoctopus, I never knew busy.org had a notification system. Although I've not reaaly studied it a lot as I've been switching tentatively with steemit.com. is there any special way to activate the notifications.

Going to make some customized busy.org shirts😏

Busy.org is better than the steemit itself .busy.org gives the notification which makes it better to use...it is like busy.org is the evolved version of steemit.the interface is much better than steemit
It is awesome also you can share your link directly to facebook .
Few advantages are:

It is a secure site. Using Busy.org, we could login with our Steemit's username and password (posting key). Knowing that Busy is a secured site, we are confident to input our details in there. It is important that we only use secured sites to avoid possible malware or viruses. Better safe than later regret using an unsecured site.

We can use it the way we use the Steemit site. Aside from posting on the site, we can use it such as checking our wallets and do transfers, and other transactions that we usually do in Steemit.

There will be a reward. This reward is an upvote from the busy.org account. They have a bot that upvotes posts created in their site. Just make sure that you used busy as one of your tags. Based on this, the bot will be voting a single user twice a day or every 12 hours. Kindly read their post in the link mentioned for more details about how thebusy bot votes and what could be its value.

Read a similiar post a while back, a user actually mentioned busy.org and why it will be wise to move over there, altough I never actually read the post to see the reasons but from the brief review you gave about it, I guess its worth using it and the notification aspect that will be one of their selling point, steemistry these past few weeks been really down and using steemification notification extension only shows you details dated back 20days ago but my question is

Opening the busy.org tab on mobile phone, chrome to be precise will the notification still come up?

@cryptoctopus i have been regular to busy.org. and it is true they have made many advance to make it more user friendly. Apart from the referral links..the additonal upvote and also the value of each upvote can be viewed easily maki g it far more open and easy.and transparent...👍