Seven Factors For Spiritual Advancement

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Hi Steemians,I'll be sharing some thoughts with you that are excerpts from the exhortation by my man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

God expects us to make spiritual advancement and growth. If we make progress spiritually,other areas of our life will follow suit. It is important to know you are a spirit and understand that the spiritual controls the physical.
Phil 1:1-28.

  • Demonstrate your Love"Christ Love" copiously

Your Christ like love abound in large measures,let it show in your words and actions. Don't use hurtful words on people,your mouth should love and blessings. Bitter water and Sweet water cannot emanate from the same well!

  • Approve and carry excellence.

No matter where you are,exhibit excellence only. No matter what anyone says or does, do not worry about your detractors,they do not have enough plans to keep you down. Stand tall and let your light of excellence shine on.


  • Be Sincere ,Unsullied and Untainted.

Remain steadfast and reliable. Your integrity should be able to go through the fire of test and trials,and still come out same. You should be able to stand by your words and give account for them.

  • Give No Offence and Do Not cause others to stumble.

Be careful of your words and actions, lest you offend others. Do not engage in conversations that are detrimental and have negative impact on others. Your actions could be a source of joy and blessings or might have negative effect.

  • Be Filled With The Spirit of Righteousness. Rom5:1

Be conscious of the gift of righteousness been made available to you in Christ . This consciousness will control your life.

  • Stand Firm and Strive Together in Partnership for Success of The Gospel.

Here you become a soul winner, making sure the gospel is spread abroad. This is a partnership with God in reconciling men to himself 2Cor 5:19. You can do this with your finances or through your personal involvement

  • Never Be Frightened By your Adversary

Be bold and fearless because you have the advantage. That advantage is Chrthis In you. 1John 4:4.

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If you want to grow spiritually you should attend church regularly, read the Bible everyday, pray everyday, and take obedience to God very seriously.

It's worth mentioning that if you live in a poor country that you don't flaunt your good clothes and shame those who have much less than you do.

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