Check your witness votes

in busy •  5 months ago

A lot of witnesses have gone inactive, I'm presuming because steem prices have fallen as the technical specs required aka costs to run them have stayed about the same. I'd say you could proxy your votes, but that doesn't do much to decentralize things, now does it.

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Yes, you are right. I developed this tool to check who is inactive.


Yes, you are right. I
Developed this tool to check
Who is inactive.

                 - justyy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hah, nifty, thanks. You have two inactive witnesses! xD


Yep, I will clean the list as soon as I fill the 30 slots ^_^

Steem at 1$ makes it even harder for smaller witnesses to cover even a small percentage of the server costs.
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i checked out what you said and I also checked who you unvoted and kinda followed up with some of them. When I followed up with @comedyopenmic they informed me that their server was down due to upgrades and they are now back up and running. If I could ask you to please look into it and return your vote to them if you see fit since they have finished the upgrade and are up and running again. They are a really great comunity here on steemit. I would hate to see them lose a great person such as your self due to something like that. Thank you for your time.


Good to see they've got it back up and running, thank you for the info, I've re-voted them accordingly!


Thank you very much. Hope you have a wonderful day.