Anyone follow the stock market?

in busy •  3 months ago

Anyone trade futures, options, vanilla stocks, anything? And where do you think the markets are heading from here? Developing markets have already seen bloodbaths in stock prices, and the US is currently struggling to breach previous highs. A lot of the more crowded stocks have already started falling a lot from all time highs.

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Yeah right now most of the market in down.
And we can see some more downfall in Gold, silver, crude oil and Forex market parallel to Crypto market.
But there is no any correlation between these market this is only coincidence..

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The energy and metals market have also been going up and down like crazy, very true. I hope that currency issues do not negatively impact more people than it already has.

I trade in forex, i am from india


Guess I don't like forex because the moves are so small and leverage can wipe out so much if it moves against you, but that's cool!

My whole study is in commerce and i do follow it Stocks... planning to transact in stocks... Stocks are useful source of income.... Great marketing...

Stocks are fun to follow, but I like crypto more. Its a better roller coaster. But still, I'll probably end up buying a good amount of stocks soon. Passive income(enough to live) is the goal and stocks are a good way to do it(dividends), but they require a pretty hefty initial investment.


Roller coaster would be leveraged trading or options, neither of which I recommend someone do unless they're very experienced. Well, I would recommend someone to start practicing options with real trades and only do buying and not selling to limit risk somewhat. Paper trading, as we all know, doesn't condition one mentally for the pressure of having real money on the line.

I feel like dividends are kind of a trap at market tops, last time a lot of stocks paying out good dividends faked strength until the very end (continued to pay dividends even when they clearly could not afford them) and ended up having to cut their dividends anyway, in addition to the huge price drops of the stocks themselves.

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