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Edwin Hubble measured the recessional velocities (the speed galaxies move away from earth).
He found that:

  • Most galaxies (distant ones) all move away from earth.
  • Galaxies that are more distant travel at a greater velocity

The relationship between galaxy distance and speed is:

  • V = H0d
  • V = Recessional Velocity
  • H0 = Hubble's Constant (2.3×10-18 S-1)
  • d = Distance from location to galaxies.

Related relationships / formulae:

  • d÷t = H0d
  • 1÷t = H0
  • t = 1÷H0 (t = Age of the universe)

Calculating the age of the universe:

  • t = 1÷H0
  • t = 1÷2.3×10-18
  • t = 4.3×1017 Seconds
  • t = 7.24...×1015 Minuites (÷60)
  • t = 1.20...×1014 Hours (÷60)
  • t = 5.03...×1012 Days (÷24)
  • t = 1.37...×1010 365-Day-Years (÷365)
  • t = 1.37...×1010 Real (365.25 Day) Years (Slight Difference) (÷365.25)
  • t = ~ 13'444'429'480 Real Years
  • t = ~ 13.7 Billion Real Years

Fun Facts:

Standard candles are stars that we know the real light level of

The slope or gradient of current distance away ÷ original distance away is always the same, no matter your home galaxy.

Double the distance away means that it has double the rate of expansion


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