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Sakecoin is blazing a trail of booze on the blockchain which piqued my interest and I'm, in this piece, attempting to examine the possibilities that might present itself down the line. Please follow closely, I promise, this will be a short, fun and revealing ride.

According to a 2017 report by ALLIED MARKET RESEARCH, the global alcoholic beverage industry, consisting of Alcoholic wines, beers and spirits, is predicted to continue riding its now accustomed 2.1% CGAR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) to a massive $1,594B by 2022.
This tells you that despite his numerous resolutions and medical restraints, man is yet to find an adequate leash for his appetite for booze. And, boy! The market is huge!
Which presents us, blockchain enthusiasts, the follow up question of: Can we booze on the blockchain?

Before now I had my doubts. Until I happened on Sakecoin's offerings, that is, then I began to think, maybe, the possibility is actually within reach.

Who is SAKECOIN again?
Sakecoin are the Japanese startup proposing to disrupt your regular liquor consumption with a new approach approach based on the Ethereum blockchain.
According to what i could piece together from their BTT Ann thread , even though it was present in incoherent Google translate copy-paste piece, they have a clear cut awareness of what they've set out to achieve. And are determined to get there.

Among the many definit pursuit on their way to attainment of their objective is
-> Making the coin a medium of settlement of booze.
-> Setting up of their own chains of liquor stores, and ultimately
-> Building their own beer factories.

OK, that's some lofty height they wanna scale with chains of transaction infos that appears in block-by-block format. Yes, they very well can if they put in the right amount of efforts, as they're doing presently.

I'd be posting more updates about these guys as I find more info. I hear most of the happenings are on their Discord Server, which unfortunately, I can't enter at the moment because all the invites I tried were expired. I'll send them a mail requesting access.
Till then, get set to BOOZE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN.

Friend my on Discord if you're on: @bigriches

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