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I was very glad when I first heard that The COSMOCHAIN was listed on UEX and for those who are unaware, I want to give you a brief description of this amazing project so you can understand my excitement.

According to a Reuters recent report the global Beauty and Cosmetics Industry is currently valued as worth over $500B, and growing at a CAGR of 7.4%, its expected to hit over $800B by 2023.
This is the industry COSMOCHAIN and its team of seasoned technoccrats are dusrupting with their innovative blockchain platform.

The COSMOCHAIN platform is designed to bring together all the stakeholders in the industry and empower them to form a mutually beneficial relationship. Be it a beauty magazine editor, a Beauty product entrepreneur, distributor or salesman, a supply chain management firm, or my girl friend looking to tinker with the tone and texture of her skin, there's a workspace for them all on the COSMOCHAIN ecosystem.

What excites me actually is that I'm a holder of COSM coin. Because, all these participants mentioned above, anf you know that list is not near exhaustive, they will all need the COSMOCHAIN's native tokens ($COSM) to play effectively on the platform.

And to see it listed on the sixth exchange in less than three (3) months after ICO, speaks volume about the commitment of the team to over-deliver on the road map

Wanna join me on this fast and easy ride to the moon? Head over to

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