These foods will be warmed on the microwave and will be sick!

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Cooking a day before cooking is usually not a problem. But the food items discussed in this article should not be heated. Because, according to some research, these types of hot water started changing their character. As a result, the risk of increased body damage can increase. So if you do not listen to this advice, then there is no doubt that your address will be the bed of any hospital! In fact, the foods that should not be eaten hot should be absolutely ...

1 Spinach: In many studies, it has been proved that the consumption of carbohydrates in the body increases the amount of carcinogenic element or cancer causing ingredients. As a result, the risk of developing cancer can increase many times. In fact, Palang sha is transformed into nitrites after heating nitrate present. And this material is not very good for the body. That's why doctors advised to eat spinach with cooked vegetables.


  1. Beets: Vegetable chop, bit carrots, curry leaves, all Bengalis cooked in the house, using a bit of bits is cooked in more delicious food. But what is known is that the cooking of any of the bits of cooking will warm the body, it will be bad! But in such a manner, there is no problem playing hot with such kind of food. What is that method? Take refrigerated bitta curry and take two hours before eating it. If you have time to eat, you will eat hot. If you do this, you will lose the risk of loss.


  1. Rice: According to experts from Britain Food Standards Agency, if rice is cooked more time after cooking, then it increases the risk of more harmful germs. Not only that, it increases the risk of physical harm when playing hot. So it is very important to keep this thing healthy.

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  1. Egg: It does not seem to be available to anyone who does not eat the egg curry. But it is good to know that this practice is not good at all for the body. Because the heating of the protein in the egg is completely destroyed due to heating. Not only does the heat produce many harmful toxins or toxic substances in the egg, which can lead to multiple physical problems, including body problems, digestion and digestion. In fact, not only cooked eggs, cooked eggs and omelets should not be heated.

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  1. Poultry meat: It's quite right to hear that chicken meat increases by heating and the number of physical problems can increase. Actually the protein structure in chicken is completely changed when the food is heated. As a result, entering the body of such a protein increases the risk of problems of digestion. So cook chicken meat a little bit this time. If you go for any reason, do not worry about heating it.


  1. Celery Spinach: The leaf is very nutritious as per leafy spinach. After heating, their character also changes to nitrites, which is carcinogenic. Fertilization that celery beats in the diet increases the risk of getting infected with cancer.

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  1. Mashroom: Any day that cooked, try to eat it. Any word made by the mosquito. Because the protein present in the mushroom heating process changes its structure. As a consequence of such distorted proteins entering the body is not good without damage. So always try to cook mushroom and eat it on day by day.

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  1. Potato curry: If the diet rich in nutrients is repeatedly eaten, then the performance of the useful elements of the body present in it starts decreasing. As a result, eating the food does not help the body. Not only this, more than one case study has shown that drinking a curry made from potatoes, repeatedly increases the likelihood of stomach upset. There are also fears of food poisoning. So please do not do this wrong thing again to keep healthy and digestion power.

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