I don’t get it.

You held a meme competition many moons ago. That's the one I made and stuck under your post. I didn't win.

Yeah, I remember it. I just don’t get it. Still.

You need to power up your meme game, bro! This is New Old Steem!

There was nothing to get. I just felt like doing that. Dude, this is New Steem. We can do anything, and it's awesome, by default.

Get with the program!

I thought I was with the program! You’re telling me I’m not?

How Old New Steem of you! For shame!

Seriously, you guys are my favorite Steem couple. So stinking cute.. love coming across your on chain tiffs .. makes my heart happy

Eww!!! Cooties! Get outta here!

Nope, too late. I must rubbed my cooties all over you and @nonameslefttouse. get used to it 😎

You must-rubbed us?


Things are getting pretty weird now.