The Road to Steem Fest | Business or Pleasure?

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Did you know the whole Steemit Inc crew is attending Steem Fest? Check out the Latest event update here!

This week's topic is... Business or Pleasure?

Are you going to Bangkok because, like me, expect to find a crypto babe wealthy as hell and win her heart?

So you want to attend Steem Fest 4 because you need funding for one of your projects?

Do you want to go to Thailand so you can meet a whale who can get you out of anonimity?

Is this trip your opportunity to go go to a new country and explore its touristic spots and get to know the local culture?

Is jumping on a plane to this Steem massive meet up your chance to meet all those people you spend countless hours a week conversating and fooling around in the different chat rooms?

What are you going to Steem Fest for? Business or Pleasure?

Make a post about this topics and share with us what's on your mind!

It's your chance to share what are your motives to attend this Steem Fest"

Share it with us so we get to know you a bit better and perhaps start having conversations about this, so when we meet in person we feel like we are already friends!

Business or Pleasure

Small set of rules:

  • You have until Sunday 29th of September to post about this topic.
  • Use the tag #roadtosteemfest and #blocktradescontest so we can all find the posts and get to vote on our posts to help out our funding for the trip.

This #RoadToSteemFest initiative, just like last year's, will run until the previous week of Steem Fest. There will be around 16 topics regarding the #roadtosteemfest so make sure to try and join every one of them because...

...everyone who joins in on at least 75% of the topics, will be eligibile to win a big surprise in Bangkok. This surprise will be revealed later down the road and only people who attend SF will be able to receive it.

Remember, you have until Sunday, September 29th to publish your Business or pleasure post.

There is already two contests to win Steem Fest tickets + Accommodation in Thailand sponsored by @blocktrades and @actifit and @steemhunt check the actifit one here and check the @steemhunt one here.

Thank you everyone who makes a post about this. Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to fund one lucky Steemian's Steem Fest 4 entry ticket.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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My main motive for wanting to attend is pure FOMO based on the great times I have seen people have at the past events. Just entered your Actifit/Blocktrades contest for the first time 😄

Actually I will go for the both because you can work all day going for business alone without a little bit of pleasure. It will be a great and lovely event. I hope to be there as well if I can finance it . Thanks for sharing in details

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I hope to be at this year's STEEMFEST God willing!

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Wow, this is a great opportunity for those who attend.

😂😂😂 love your line - finding a crypto babe 🤣🤣🤣

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Hi @anomadsoul

Great to see you supporting everyone who's going this year. I can't make it but I wanted to show my support for what you're doing 🙂


No worries

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Good job :)

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Congrats to all the lucky guys & gals who get to attend Steem Fest!!! Though I won't physically be there, I definitely will be supporting everyone in spirit! And a healthy mix of business AND pleasure is my vote! @anomadsoul

@anomadsoul, typo error at the footer of the contest 😅

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Ahh, posting again on the last day...we portuguese do like to feel the rush ;)

The Road to Steem Fest | Business or Pleasure?

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