The actual road of my pleasurable business trip to Bangkok

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I'm currently on a plane from Mexico City to Vancouver. I'm arriving in Canada at ten am after a five hour trip where I slept most of the time and man, I feel restored and ready to explore the city all day.

By the way, if you live in Toronto and you want to meet up let me know! I leave tomorrow morning :)

Tomorrow I leave Canada and get to China, where I'll stay another day before leaving to Thailand. That's two long flights already and 48ish hours of traveling, only to arrive in Chiang Mai on the fifth.

After that, I'm struggling to pick my next move: I can either stay in Chiang Mai all day exploring and getting to know a city I might not come back to and then leave to Bangkok by night, spending eight hours on the road and sleeping uncomfortably on a bus OR, I can leave Chiang Mai the moment I get there to make it on time to the Steemfest warm up activity - Tea drinking and perhaps bar hopping afterwards.

I mean, I'm coming to Thailand to meet Steemians so it's a little weird I'm doubting if I should go to BKK straight away; but I trust my instincts and I always do what my gut tells me, and this time my gut is telling me to wait and see and play it by ear.

Perhaps I'm not too keen on rushing to get to Bangkok because this trip is not all about business, so I'm not feeling like I'm missing out on opportunities if I don't make it on the 5th.

SF 2 in Lisbon was for me 100% business with a hint of pleasure, SF3 in Krakow was 110% pleasure and an itty bit of business. This time, and after being on Steem for over two and a half years, having some projects of my own, being part of other projects, knowing most of the influential people in the platform, being half of a top witness and much much more but also wanting to meet so many people, to see some others once more, explore a new country (and a continent I've never been to), a culture so different to my own, having some beers with old friends and a lot more, makes this trip a full 50/50 kind of trip.

It's not pure business, it's not only pleasure, it's a nice mix of both. And I can't wait for it to begin, I'm five minutes till landing in Canada so I'll wrap this up. I'll hit post once I get some WiFi.

Oh and hey, if you know of someone living in Vancouver let me know in the comment section! I'd love me some pre Steem Fest meet ups!


PS: Any vote or resteem is appreciated, since all the liquid rewards from this post will go to @funds4sf, the account I set up to pay for the sponsorship of the @blocktrades contests Steem Fest tickets + accommodation.


Have fun!
Chiang Mai is a lovely place to visit!
Better take the train with sleeping cabins to Bangkok.
That is what we did a few years ago and it was a nice experience.

I probably will, it all depends on the price difference! I don't mind sleeping sitting, you'd be amazed if I told you some of the weirdest places I've slept before haha

Haha, I get it!
Not for me, did a bustrip for 30 hrs once. Never again!

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Oh my, and I thought my 16 hours last year to Kraków was a lot 😅

Haha, yeah bad bus experience!

Gut feeling is the way for me to go also. I'm leaving Finland in a few hours and will be in Bangkok on the 3rd already – I like to arrive early and get accustomed a little to my destination before the craziness begins.
Such a complicated route you have – 3 planes and a bus! I'm grateful that Finns love Thailand so much: I only need to get my ass over to the Helsinki airport which is basically on my backyard (15 kilometers away), and I will be directly flown to Bangkok from there, so convenient :D

Going via HEL but not until tomorrow night. Your even earlier than me!

Ahh... almost made it to the same flight!
Yeah, I'm an early bird :P

That is indeed lucky! I'm not even halfway my Odyssey and I'm already tired as hell. Man, I'm too old for this already :P is having a meet up on 14-15 in Chiang Mai, and if you're still around you can go straight to BKK first and join then in Chiang Mai later if you're not joining the after party 😊

This is my first SF, and this time it'll be a litlle more business than pleasure. Looking forward to see you there in BKK on 6th

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Oh nice! Yes I have to check what an I doing after the fest... I haven't decided where or when I'm going, but I'm definitely considering going back up to Chiang Mai! Thanks for letting me know!

Let's try to balance this time.

Means 110% business and 120% fun

And no sleep....

I'm already way ahead of everyone! Slept 4 hours yesterday before leaving from mx city. I'm currently in Vancouver at the airport, flight leaves in 5 hours, and only slept for a while in one of the benches. I have a layover of 14 hours in China and I'm not planning on sleeping because I wanna see the city. Then I'm going to take the night bus from Chiang Mai so I feel I'm not going to get much sleep there 😅

Fun times ahead

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Well wish...have a nice trip ..good luck..!

Safe travels.

Have a safe flight!

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See you in a couple of days mate!

See in a few days!

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Welcome to Thailand and have nice times during Steemfest 4 in Bangkok!

The view from the plane is very wonderful. I especially like the second one! Great capture! ;)

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