Let's bet | I will pay 2:1 in the Real Madrid v Liverpool Game | Beat me!

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This is not a prediction post nor I want to encourage any get the score right and win! kind of engagement.

This is me telling you I am rooting for real Madrid as I've done since 2002 when I saw Ronaldo (fat and awesome, original Ronaldo) kick ass and make soup out of every defender that crossed his path.

So yeah, I am a real Madrid fan and I'm certain they will win this match.

So bet against me for the chance to win two sbd for every sbd you bet. Or lose it all...


I am betting for a madrid Victory, so if you believe Liverpool will win, do the following:

1 - Send to me the amount of sbd you want to bet and include in the memo the word "Liverpool".

2 - Go pray your team wins.

3 - Loose your money.

Your bet can be minimum 0.2 sbd and maximum 10 sbd.

I will accept bets until the game starts, after that you mustn't send any bets or I'll keep them.

When the match is over, if by any slight chance Liverpool wins, I will send your winning bet to you along with your extra SBDs.

Well, perhaps tomorrow because I'm gonna have a few beers and a burger watching the game so I might be afk and not able to transfer money.

But I highly doubt I will need to, because REAL MADRID WILL WIN.

Oh and btw, any earnings from betting here I make will go to the pool I'm making to sponsor a Steemfest ticket In November, so don't worry, your money will be wisely used


First of all good to hear that you will use this money for good stuff and I've landed on your post for the first time because now the FIFA fever is near so i was browsing for some cool posts related to Football so that i can feel the fever from today only and this stuff sounds great, i never played football professionally but i played this game really passionately wherever we got the choice, like, roads, grounds, class rooms, college class rooms and so much fun when we played it at indoor badminton Court, so this game is really close to me and literally speaking i watch less and play more, and i am not aware lot of things of football but in my opinion if passion comes first then i will be in queue.

And in my opinion Real Madrid will going to win, so let's hope for the best. But, who ever wins the game should be electrifying and the passion is important aspect.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I can't bet but Liverpool will win

Thanks for the easy SBD, Salah.

I want better odds than 2/1!

I checked and it's 2.30 Madrid and 3.10 Liverpool, but I don't take ties and also I don't have millions behind me hahaha so 2:1 it is.

I should be supporting Liverpool being British, but as it happens they are my least favourite UK side. Even Salah cant save them tonight. No bet!

You must be glad you didn´t bet :P

ha! Yeah, and glad about the result - I do not like Liverpool!

Haha game on

Sorry I'm Jürgen Klopp fan and therefore for Liverpool. Let's hope for a fair and exciting game. 🇪🇸 🥅 ⚽️ 🇬🇧

In the beginning I could see how Klopp prepared the match in a very solid way, pity that Salah got injured and some goalkeeper mistakes costed them the game.

I am also a real supporter of madrid. so we can not bet. hehehehh

Congratz Real Madrid!

Hala Madrid!


Wow that's a face even a mother would have a hard time loving 😉

you're damm right hahaha

Que gane el Madrid!

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Madrid 2_ Liverpool 3 there is no any compromise on that

You are offering the same odds as the bookies, I'll have odds of 5/2 :P

Lol I'm the Steemit bookie :P

Yeah, and the house always wins in the end :)

Lol I'm the Steemit bookie :P

You got a 95.97% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

I am one of the Real Madrid fans, I will not bet on supporting Liverpool, and I predict Madrid will win by a score (RM) of 4: 2 (LV). @anomadsoul ... ha ha ha

acepto tu apuesta, el papa de Inglaterra les enseñara quien manda cuidado nuestro kill


Que tal eh? 3 - 1 y con gol de chilena :D

in Indonesia Salah it means wrong

sorry liverpool fans you are going to get bad game in season

I can not remember ever wanting Madrid to lose but i love the underdog's story. Plus liverpool has Mooooooooo Salah and Maneeeee.

So Hala nah


No doubt Salah got Liverpool and Egypt wherever they are today, it was sad he got injured, I´m glad he will be able to play the WC.

I think Liverpool was paid for the loss ... Too holey hands at the goalkeeper were)))) Only do not be offended!

I enjoyed the game but definitely would´ve been different if Salah stayed in the field :/

Ohhhhh it's on @anomadsoul! Check your wallet cause your gonna be paying me out tomorrow! Bring it 😉

In the mean time, here is something beautiful for you to look at:


Hahaga all that red talk made me make this post! We'll see

Ha ha, glad my footie banter inspired you m8. I think that we would have put up a much better fight if Salah hadn't have been been taken out so early on, the teams moral took a beating after that. The bicycle kick from Gareth bale was out of this world though, credit where credit is due. I've been dealing with the hangover from that match and the commiseration drinks that happened afterwards for the last 24 hours. More than one or two 🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻 were had 😆

Hala Madrid <3

Así gana el Madrid!

Game On!! YNWA!! I'll be 10 SBDs richer tomorrow

Congrats to RM. The better team won.
Because the best player was only on the pitch for 30 minutes 😭😭😭

Hahaha thanks for the bet and better luck next time betting against Madrid :P

How about the world cup? Looking to recoup my lost from you 😬😬

@jrvacation there will be, stand still and be on the lookout.

Madrid 3-1 Liverpool

You said it first!

the thing is i'm a seer, i can see the future hahaha

we can rule the world, we are just too lazy to do it

I actually wanted to send you a message on discord asking what you do tomorrow when Klopp and Liverpool kicked Madrid butts before I saw this post @anomadsoul lol - let me think I really want to risk hard earned SBD here - Liverpool is better but referees are always in favour of clubs such as Madrid or Munich - what is the deadline to submit? we have 80 minutes to go

Exactly! About one hour from now the game kicks off and no more betting after that! Haha we are in for one of the best finals, last couple of years it was an almost certain victory for the whites, but this one will be very close

I should not write this into the blockchain - but Sergio Ramos - a piece of sh..... - some things never change - I hope Klopp has an answer how they can also destroy key players on the other side. I would know how.

Peace (during football matches I tell all my friends do not take me serious - we are friends again after the match - maybe lol)

This is very true, Salah being hurt its a negative for football, not just liverpool. Definitely this final was not meant to be like this and it wasn't the one I expected. I hope he is able to play the world cup tho.

Fingers crossed - but in the end our German goalkeeper did make a disaster performance - hope he will survive that, hard to make such mistakes in a CL final. I feel with him - happy for you mate - do not spend all your SBDs for beer lol.

Lol no no, I´m starting to save up some sbds to sponsor a Steemfest ticket in November :D

i hope this is a good and wise decision brother - November is a long way to go - btw - where is Steemfest November, i probably missed any announcements again?

@uwelang Not sure yet, Roeland hasn´t announced it yet :(

Voy al Real Madrid

Madrid is going to win and liverpool wouldnt score one goal...my opinion


Lol fuera de aquí colchonera! :P

Pensé que no me ibas entender Lol

Es que al principio pensé que eras de habla inglesa.

Late with the bets, but Liverpool all the way! Good first half and looking forward to the second half! 😊⚽️

@travelling-two hahayou must be happy you didn´t make it on time for the bet!

Hahaha, well, the money would have been spent for a 'good cause'. They say never to bet on your own team...

@travelling-two lol, well that good cause will be amazing, trust me :D

By the way, do you know where Steem Fest 3 will be? And when? Heard from a friend, but it could be a rumour that it will be in Hanoi, Vietnam in November. Yet, don't know where she got that - LOL 😂 still it would be great for us as it's reachable from where we are now. Malaysia isn't a bad shout for Steem Fest 3 as you have lots of Steemians there. Wherever it is, like you said, it will be amazing!

I´m not really sure, I never heard of Vietnam as a posibility but my money is on Southeast Asia or Cancun, Mexico. The announcement will be made in a few days iirc by @roelandp

Ooooo, can't wait to hear where it will be! Cancun would be easier for you, but we guess you want to travel abroad, don't you? We don't mind it being in South East Asia :) We shall see!

Loojs preaty good for you

Go Madrid!

after that you mustn't send any bets or I'll keep them.


Sallah's injury is a fraud

Definitely a let down for all of us, im glad he´ll be able to play the world cup.

Apologies for the late reply sir. Again, we pray he pulls through at the world cup.

I could not make it in time for the deadline. I wanted Liverpool to win.

I could not make it in time for the deadline. I wanted Liverpool to win.

Ha! Then you must be glad you didn´t make it on time or you would´ve lost some SBD :P

Sabia que iba a ganar el real...pero hinchaba por liverpool porque no soporto al marketinero Ronaldo...obviamente no existió en el partido...y Karius un hdp...después de Yoko Ono nadie le hizo tanto daño a unos muchachos de liverpool

Me sentí mal por verlo al final del partido así, pero bueno, errores son erroes y en un portero cuestan 20 veces mas que en un medio o delantero, es la maldicion del guardameta.

totalmente...si pobre tipo...un partido malo lo tienen todos...tuvo la mala suerte de que fuera en la final...si daba lastima...pero bueno, gajes del oficio

Saludos a todos, cuidado de donde provienen sus imágenes, pueden estar callendo en terreno malo.

You are right About #Realmadrid
But tonight I will go forward with the Red Color dress up Club #Liverpol.fc for the number. 11 #Mohammed Salah


With 2 SBD Of course .. check your wallet

Haha that Salah is going to disappoint a lot of people today!

I am very pleased with results have been achieved his during this time, so when I wake up tomorrow morning probably my wallet be slight contains ... hehhehe

Hahaha my prediction for this weekend is 2: 1 for the glory of Liverpool

Soy auralucy de nuevo, gracias por leer mis comentarios de ayer, y por por votarme. Se me olvidó decirte, que he sido siempre aficionada a los deportes, en esta etapa de mi vida soy una enamorada del fútbol, pero no soy del Real sino del Rival. Me encanta mirar los juegos, ya entiendo y disfruto bastante(tambien sufro). Pero te felicito porque el equipo merecía su titulo, aunque la "fortuna" siempre juega para su lado. jaja. Me contenta ver tus éxitos. Un saludo con el calor de la tierra Venezolana. Tu amiga auralucy. Excuse me for not answering in English. I didn t realize. Bye.

Hola @anomadsoul saludos amigo, la verdad, sentí curiosidad de ver si tenía una respuestas de tu parte, pero no, será la próxima, si nos cruzamos de nuevo, eres una persona demasiado ocupada, pero te percibí socialmente accesible. Te saludos, fue muy grato ´para mi "conocerte". Que sigas cosechando éxitos y creciendo como persona. Un cordial saludo. auralucy.