ONE PIECE Chapter 903 review!! The hype is real!

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Well yes, yes I am. Luffy is now the
5th YOUNKO! Ok that's just a lie, just hype created by Morgan to sell more newspapers, because let's face it, Luffy is just not there, yet!! You know it, I know it and from this chapter you can tell that all the other younkos know it too. But the ruse is working since everybody is talking about how he had "planned" it all, as if he didn't make it out of Big Mom's territory barely alive(again).

To be honest though, I have a feeling this chapter was more of a foreshadow of how Kaido will be clobbering Luffy and his alliances pretty soon. Damn now I am even more impatient to see Kaido in action, Shanks too but we're probably not seeing that anytime soon.(I think we're used to it at this point)

Plot wise there wasn't really anything new happening but the comedy and the hype in this chapter get it at least an 8/10.

And man's bounty just skyrocketed to 1.5 Billion beli!! Don't know how much that is in STEEM, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot, enough to give him whale status. What irony that would be though, he can't swim and the sea actually makes him weaker. 😂


Overrall it was a great chapter!!

Ps: Lucci is probably now sitting on the sidelines like:

One Piece Manga - by SpencerWing -, CCO

You can read the full chapter here:

Thanks for reading everybody, hope you're also having a chill saturday. Until next time, PEACE!!


Hahaha hello geeky boy, I am sure about this :

And man's bounty just skyrocketed to 1.5 Billion beli!! Don't know how much that is in STEEM, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot, enough to give him whale status.

And from chapter 903, I got a lesson from morgan. It about writing titles to attract readers. Might be applicable in steemit, but I'm not so talented at it, I'm just a freak boy XD

😂😂😂 good point! I should also learn from him, matter of fact if he joined I would vote for him as a witness😂. Thanks for passing by @debay, wish you a good sunday :)

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