😲 OMG! is this for real? SBD.....

in busy •  5 months ago

I almost went link wow, sbd is at it again....

This was what happend when I use @banjo to generate prices of coins on discord.

Later when I checked on coin market cap I realized this was a pump caused on hitbtc


Look like SBD has been pumped on HitBtc. This is not the first time this is happening.

I think I need to lock in some sbd there for the next big irregularities that happen there.

Don't go about saying sbd is mooning

Though it's up a little from previous days

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Unreal. I guess there is not a lot of liquidity in certain exchanges!


yeah, but looks like this is the second time in less than about 30 days or so on hitbtc

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

This was what happend when I use @banjo to generate prices of coins on discord.
It should be what happened instead of what happend.


koo all knowing.... I hear you, everything you go come respond abi.

come correct dis one too give me wai


You funny @anaman😂😂

hitbtc pumped . SBD total supply only 51B . it deserve at-least 5$ current market condition


I will make sure to get some few sbd locked there just in case my stars shine one day.....

Twice on the same coin, will there be a 3rd? only the future can tell


when pumped you should sell all and buy in deep again thus u can increase your amount

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Its would have been nice if we could see when its about to pump certain time. Usually it comes unexpected.

Great job done, detailed analysis. Thanks for sharing